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Hello, so my question is about hosting and port forwarding. So basically as of right now i have no chance to open ports, so i tried out this alternative way to host a server. Thing called “Ngrok” is basically a multiplatform tunnelling, reverse proxy software that establishes secure tunnels from a public endpoint such as internet to a locally running network service while capturing all traffic for detailed inspection and replay. What it does is exposing your localhost to web. Its like alternative to port forwarding. But as i tried this, it didnt work, however my localhost was public. Tried to direct connect but FiveM didn’t find the server. So i thought i should investigate this, and tried exactly the same thing with another game and it worked! Does anyone know how can i get it to work or any other alternative ways like this?

Also if this is not a thing, is it possible for developers to support Ngrok?


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If you can’t port forward I would recommend getting a cheap VPS or just get hosting from the official hosting partner. You can get these pretty cheap.

If you can’t to those then Hamachi may work but I do not recommend it at all and I don’t think it has been tested.


I cant afford the host right now, thats why im asking. Pretty sure Hamachi will work but its not that good, ive used Hamachi and its just bad. I know that Ngrok should work too, i think its almost same as Hamachi but for some reason Ngrok is not working.


I would try another program then, you may be able to find some on google. If it does not work you may need to wait tell you can port forward.


Searched alot, did not find anything workikg, any other ways?


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