Server help please!


does this mean my server is up and running if so how do i find it because i have type the name in and could not find it please help me.


Can you please put your server.cfg here too. Also try and direct connect.


Have you port forwarded it correctly? (localhost) servers won’t show up in the serverlist if you haven’t port forwarded correctly.


I looked up videos on how to port forward and I followed them but I don’t know if it worked or not.


What do I direct connect with.


In the fivem menu, click direct connect and type in: localhost


I’m knew at this so I’m sorry if I asked stupid and simple question but what would be the localhost?


That’s how to direct connect.



@Vespura Is the server up and running tho or is it not and I will try and port forward it again tonight but how do I do the localhost


@Scott_UK this is my server.cfg


Try change the ports at the top.


@Scott_UK i did that and i watched a video on how to portforward and i followed it step by step and it still isn’t showing showing up. When i launch my server at first a hitch warning comes up and then i close the server and restart it and then the warning is gone. also when i start the server these numbers come up and my port is 30121 does this mean anything or no?


@Scott_UK @Vespura I just saw this when i launch the server No such command server. could this be why its not coming up


@Manassassin14 you disabled/made an exception on your firewall, yeah? This could cause your server to not show.


Also, this is the numeric IP for “”. Basically, don’t worry about this part.


I go into my firewall then click portforward, special ip, custome port, then I copy the port from my server.cfg and then I put my ip in and then click add and that’s it.


So just to verify, you’ve port forwarded on your router and added an exception/disabled your firewall?

Just adding an exception to your firewall isn’t the same as port forwarding


@Tyler_Sadler have to disable my firewall? Is that safe tho like notbing will happen to my router and how would I disable it.


You can add an exception to your firewall for FiveM. This will allow the program to bypass the firewall and allow other people (including yourself) to connect to the server.

Go here:

Go to the step that says: “Add Firewall Program Exception” and follow those instructions.

Try running the server afterwards and let me know if it works for ya.


Okay I will do that thank you.