Server Error running system event handling function for resource esx_society


C:\FXServer>C:\FXServer\run.cmd +exec server.cfg
Initializing Mono
Initializing Mono completed
Found new resource async in C:/FXServer/resources//async
Found new resource cron in C:/FXServer/resources//cron
Found new resource essentialmode in C:/FXServer/resources//essentialmode
Found new resource fivem in C:/FXServer/resources//fivem
Found new resource fivem-awesome1501 in C:/FXServer/resources//fivem-awesome1501

Found new resource fivem-lscustoms-es-master in C:/FXServer/resources//fivem-lsc
Found new resource fivem-map-hipster in C:/FXServer/resources//fivem-map-hipster

Found new resource fivem-map-skater in C:/FXServer/resources//fivem-map-skater
Found new resource gcnl_cars in C:/FXServer/resources//gcnl_cars
Found new resource mysql-async in C:/FXServer/resources//mysql-async
Found new resource runcode in C:/FXServer/resources//runcode
Found new resource sync in C:/FXServer/resources//sync
Found new resource carhud in C:/FXServer/resources//[addons]/carhud
Found new resource esx_AdvancedFuel in C:/FXServer/resources//[addons]/esx_Advan
Found new resource es_carwash in C:/FXServer/resources//[addons]/es_carwash
Found new resource pv-cruisecontrol in C:/FXServer/resources//[addons]/pv-cruise
Found new resource RealisticVehicleFailure in C:/FXServer/resources//[addons]/Re
Found new resource skinchanger in C:/FXServer/resources//[addons]/skinchanger
Found new resource streetLabel in C:/FXServer/resources//[addons]/streetLabel
Found new resource 1m2011 in C:/FXServer/resources//[carpacks]/1m2011
Found new resource demon in C:/FXServer/resources//[carpacks]/demon
Found new resource rt70 in C:/FXServer/resources//[carpacks]/rt70
Found new resource es_extended in C:/FXServer/resources//[essential]/es_extended

Found new resource esplugin_mysql in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esplugin_mysql

Found new resource esx_accessories in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_accessori
Found new resource esx_addonaccount in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_addonacc
Found new resource esx_addoninventory in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_addoni
Found new resource esx_ambulancejob in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_ambulanc
Found new resource esx_barbershop in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_barbershop

Found new resource esx_basicneeds in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_basicneeds

Found new resource esx_billing in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_billing
Found new resource esx_clotheshop in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_clotheshop

Found new resource esx_datastore in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_datastore
Found new resource esx_identity in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_identity
Found new resource esx_joblisting in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_joblisting

Found new resource esx_jobs in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_jobs
Found new resource esx_mecanojob in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_mecanojob
Found new resource esx_phone in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_phone
Found new resource esx_policejob in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_policejob
Found new resource esx_rpchat in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_rpchat
Found new resource esx_service in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_service
Found new resource esx_shops in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_shops
Found new resource esx_skin in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_skin
Found new resource esx_society in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_society
Found new resource esx_status in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_status
Found new resource esx_tattoosShops in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_tattoosS
Found new resource esx_taxijob in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_taxijob
Found new resource esx_vehicleshop in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_vehiclesh
Found new resource esx_voice in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/esx_voice
Found new resource es_admin2 in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/es_admin2
Found new resource gcnl_trunk in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/gcnl_trunk
Found new resource new_banking in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/new_banking
Found new resource race in C:/FXServer/resources//[gamemodes]/race
Found new resource race-test in C:/FXServer/resources//[gamemodes]/race-test
Found new resource channelfeed in C:/FXServer/resources//[gameplay]/channelfeed
Found new resource idoverhead in C:/FXServer/resources//[gameplay]/idoverhead
Found new resource irc in C:/FXServer/resources//[gameplay]/irc
Found new resource obituary in C:/FXServer/resources//[gameplay]/obituary
Found new resource obituary-deaths in C:/FXServer/resources//[gameplay]/obituary
Found new resource playernames in C:/FXServer/resources//[gameplay]/playernames
Found new resource snow in C:/FXServer/resources//[gameplay]/snow
Found new resource mapmanager in C:/FXServer/resources//[managers]/mapmanager
Found new resource baseevents in C:/FXServer/resources//[system]/baseevents
Found new resource chat in C:/FXServer/resources//[system]/chat
Found new resource hardcap in C:/FXServer/resources//[system]/hardcap
Found new resource loadingscreen in C:/FXServer/resources//[system]/loadingscree
Found new resource ooc in C:/FXServer/resources//[system]/ooc
Found new resource rconlog in C:/FXServer/resources//[system]/rconlog
Found new resource scoreboard in C:/FXServer/resources//[system]/scoreboard
Found new resource sessionmanager in C:/FXServer/resources//[system]/sessionmana
Found new resource spawnmanager in C:/FXServer/resources//[system]/spawnmanager
Found new resource betaguns in C:/FXServer/resources//[test]/betaguns
Found new resource gameInit in C:/FXServer/resources//[test]/gameInit
Found new resource keks in C:/FXServer/resources//[test]/keks
Found new resource ply_garages2 in C:/FXServer/resources//[vdk]/ply_garages2
Found new resource vdk_inventory in C:/FXServer/resources//[vdk]/vdk_inventory
Found new resource vdk_truck in C:/FXServer/resources//[vdk]/vdk_truck
Found new resource esx_menu_default in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/[ui]/esx_men
Found new resource esx_menu_dialog in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/[ui]/esx_menu
Found new resource esx_menu_list in C:/FXServer/resources//[esx]/[ui]/esx_menu_l
Started resource sessionmanager
Started resource mapmanager
Started resource chat
Started resource ooc
Started resource spawnmanager
Started resource loadingscreen
Started resource fivem
Started gametype Freeroam
Started resource hardcap
Started resource rconlog
Started resource scoreboard
Loaded, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null int
o ScriptDomain_1494827887
Instantiated instance of script MySQLAsync.MySQLAsync.
Started resource mysql-async
Started resource essentialmode
Started resource esplugin_mysql
Started resource es_carwash
Started resource async
Started resource sync
Started resource es_admin2
Started resource es_extended
Started resource cron
Started resource skinchanger
Started resource esx_skin
Started resource esx_clotheshop
Started resource esx_jobs
Started resource esx_joblisting
Started resource esx_addonaccount
Started resource esx_addoninventory
Started resource esx_phone
Started resource esx_vehicleshop
Started resource new_banking
Started resource esx_mecanojob
Started resource carhud
Started resource esx_AdvancedFuel
Started resource esx_billing
Started resource esx_society
Started resource esx_datastore
Started resource esx_policejob
Started resource esx_identity
Started resource esx_status
Started resource esx_basicneeds
Started resource esx_voice
Started resource esx_service
Started resource esx_taxijob
Started resource esx_barbershop
Started resource esx_accessories
Started resource esx_rpchat
Started resource idoverhead
Started resource esx_ambulancejob
Started resource esx_shops
Started resource esx_tattoosShops
Started resource demon
Started resource rt70
Started resource 1m2011
Started resource esx_menu_default
Started resource esx_menu_list
Started resource esx_menu_dialog
Started resource fivem-lscustoms-es-master
Started resource pv-cruisecontrol
Started resource streetLabel
Started resource RealisticVehicleFailure
Authenticating server license key…
Server license key authentication succeeded. Welcome!
cfx> Resolved to
Sending heartbeat to

Current version: 5.0.1
Updater version: 5.0.1

Everything is fine!

Started resource fivem-map-hipster
Started map fivem-map-hipster
Loaded MySqlConnector, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null in
to ScriptDomain_1494827887
hitch warning: frame time of 662 milliseconds
Loaded System.Threading.Tasks.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, Publ
icKeyToken=cc7b13ffcd2ddd51 into ScriptDomain_1494827887
Loaded System.Buffers, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cc7b13ff
cd2ddd51 into ScriptDomain_1494827887
Error running system event handling function for resource esx_society: citizen:/
scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:41: Failed to execute thread: server/main.lua:39: at
tempt to index a nil value (field ‘?’)
stack traceback:
server/main.lua:39: in upvalue ‘handler’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:175: in function <citizen:/scriptin
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘error’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:41: in field ‘CreateThreadNow’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:174: in function <citizen:/scriptin
hitch warning: frame time of 876 milliseconds


ask in the original esx topic, this isnt related to the fivem client.


Please ask in the original resource topic. This way we can prevent the forum from getting cluttered with small questions about x resources.

Also, the topic will serve as a central place for answers, so questions that have been answered will not be asked over and over again.

Thank you for your understanding! :mascot: