Server don`t run


Hi, I made a server on VPS. However, it does not appear on the server list, or you can’t search for it by name, only if you ip, but when you connect it stays blocked at “Obtaining Steam ticket …”


Make sure you have opened port 30110 outgoing UDP and 30120 UDP+TCP as well as incoming 30120 UDP+TCP


How do I check? Or how do I open them?


If you are on Ubuntu you may have ufw.

On Windows you will have to go to your firewall settings.

Best is to google how to open ports for your specific OS.


I opened the ports, but I still have some errors, I’m giving you a screenshot here?


When I got into the game, he gave me this error. "Resource time warning "
"vrp_chairs is taking 7ms (or -17.8 FPS @ 60HZ ) "


Those first two hitch warnings are extremely long!

As you can see by the error, you are also missing some column in a table. You have probably misconfigured vRP and should ask in their topic or in DunkovRP’s Discord (google it).

The combination of hitch warnings (probably due to a mysql query) and the mysql error results in you being stuck at Obtaining Steam Ticket

Good luck.


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