Server Dev Looking For A New Home


So here’s the story. We ran a community, it did well but ultimately didn’t get the numbers we wanted. I also think many of decided we want to play rather than manage. We’ve decided to shutter our community and go elsewhere.

So… what am I looking for?

  • A community looking for a good server developer.
  • An admin position due to the nature of the work. Frankly, I don’t give a rats ass about the power but I do need to be in the loop for server dev purposes.
  • A primarily adult-community. Respectfully, I’m too goddamn old to be getting bossed around by pre-pubescent 13-year-olds on a power trip.
  • I would prefer economy-based communities but may be open to discussion.

What I Bring?

  • A solid, experienced server dev who there’s more about developing a good server than adding a few resources and running a .bat file.
  • A mature RPer who loves playing Civ but also has law enforcement experience.

If your community is a good fit, reach out, reach out, I’d love to hear from you.


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GunSlingers RP is hiring!- Our server post will be better and out soon. Join and we can talk about you inviting your friends.


Hello there i see you are interested in roleplay.:wave:

Now are you interested in a server focused on realistic and fun roleplay you have come to the right place, of course we have alot going for us, but we also realize that words don’t mean much until you try out a server so we urge you to join us and try us out, after all what do you have to lose.

Departments Available
San Andreas Department of Public Safety
Blaine County Public Safety Commission
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
Blaine Fire

Come check us out at!!!


We would be more thank happy to welcome you to join our community. Please find more information here: Alameda County Roleplay | ACRP | Re-launch | CAD/MDT/Civilian Management | We need YOU | Needs Civilians


We have everything you are looking for except for the numbers… the week before Red Dead 2 came out, we had 25 on during a Thursday night… however, right now our numbers are pretty low. We have a great group of ppl though, just have to all find time to get on at the same time. The way it seems to be going is that people don’t want to get on unless 5-10 folks are on, and then we start seeing the numbers rise. So, if you and your people come on over, I can see us having a good number on during peak time! We are whitelisted and adults. I am a Corrections Officer for a Federal Detention Facility and we have Folks in the Military as well. Come check us out in discord if nothing else! have a good one!



Hello if you are looking for a community defined as professional you have come to the right place, we also have a lot of ranjs that need to be filled than you for your consideration El Paso County RolePlay Community| Outstanding fully custom CAD/MDT System| Active Players| Serious RP| As seen on Live PD!| TX Based Community| Whitelisted| Members Needed


Are you looking for a professional community such as the Department of Justice Roleplay Community, however you are too young to apply or you have had issues with them in the past? Look no further, the San Andreas Department of Justice Role-play Community is officially open for applications! We have former Department of Justice Members who took what they learned at the DoJRP, and made it better to form the SADOJ! Look below for more information about our community:

  • Whitelisted Server
  • Custom Cars, Peds, and Scripts (Official DOJ Assets by DOJRP Devs)
    The SADoJ has been serving the public since August 2016. The approach to a realistic and professional environment is a combined aim of the SADoJ, along with a family orientated Community and love of gaming. The SADoJ aims to achieve these tasks by having a Community of Modders who believe in a respectful and mature environment where we can build a willingness to learn and better yourself and surroundings.
    The SADoJ way is to encourage people with a common interest in First Responders and Civilian Operations to join one of our many Departments offered.
    The Community adheres to an age limit to help maintain our goals for success. Person(s) aged 14 and older to join us in our wonderful roleplay experience.
    We again want to thank you, Members, Staff, Administration, and all future viewers, fans and members of the San Andreas Department of Justice RP Community for taking the time to dedicate yourself to make and thrive our home. All while carrying us and yourself to the future.
    Apply Here:


Hey @Fraggs You might want to check us out.

We just opened up. We are whitelisted and are still looking for people to get this community to pop off.
We have a lot to offer. Our forum post will provide you more information on what we have to offer and what kind of community we are. I Will link the post for you below so you can take a peek :slight_smile:

Forum Post

If you have any questions or concerns. Feel free to contact me on discord at J.Kremers#3443 or send me a Pm on the forums.

I Hope to see you soon
SACRP Head Administration


It’s like you guys don’t even bother to read. Meh, just gonna stop playing FiveM and go play something else.


Frogs please I think my community could be for you
No bull paragraph telling you why you should join I think my server could be the place for you I only really want less and civilians I will train you and we have spots open please consider my offer Im a friendly guy and need people like you to join us. Thanks for reading this post
(just realized i did a bull paragraph, its hard not to)

My Discord is

Personally message me at
[A-1]K. James#9395


We are not a big community but with the right administration and people I believe we could make the community amazing


Howdy guys Paused Gaming is the name of our group owned by myself my wife and a good buddy of mine from the same state my staff are all hand picked and were working on getting people together for some good ass rp. I am an experienced LEO in game and a Veteran IRL 25 years old and have been hardcore gaming for about 6 years now. Being disabled i have nothing but time for games and rp. Any questions for me? I see the Military experience on your list for guys so. if you guys would like to chat Dray34#2709 Dm me or


I’m down to talk to you about a place if you add me on discord. Add DarkCommander#5872


Hello @Fraggs I’d be more than happy to welcome you to ENRP.

I’ve been looking for members and staff for some time now and I’d love to welcome you with some perks.

I hope this makes you want to join:
Also, check out: [ENRP] 🔥 Enrage™ Roleplay 🔥 | Serious RP | EUP | Police | Fire/EMS | Civilians | Custom CAD/MDT | SuperNAP™ Networks Support [NEW!]

After all, it’s your choice!


P.s I also tend to play a lot of CS:GO :wink:


Hi Fraggs,
So I would like to present this to you however though we don’t have a large player base but we focus on our roleplay more then a player base.

Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community
Est. 2017/01/01.
Official Website
Official Facebook Page
Official Public Relations Discord
FiveM Forum Post
Official Public Relations Teamspeak

DoPJ Challenge Yourself!

Courage | Initiative | Integrity | Professionalism | Accountability | Respect.


Looking for higher ups!


If you would like to check us out


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