Server Connection issues since Main Menu patch


Okay, ever since the update where the whole main menu changed. people have been having issues connecting or staying connected to my server and they receive some kind of handshake error. There is no errors in server console and when someone is able to get in they end up timing out. This has not happened before until the new update came along and its not on my end I know that much. The ports 30120 to 30125 are open since i got a few servers using ports in that range. They all show as open when the server is open but these issues still occur.


yeah i am having the worst problem trying to get into my server i keep on getting a failed to getinfo server after 3 attempts


i really don’t know what to do


i have tried to get on their discord but it won’t allow me too


Now I can’t even connect locally or through internet it just has an infinite “connecting to IP:Port” message and its more annoying when my server is full and ppl are bugging me to ban cheaters when i cant even get in the damn thing. Please fix this FiveM Devs


Try creating a new, fresh server and then reconfigure it. Do the same with the FiveM Client. This helped me.


The most common issues that I have noticed with handshake errors are the following.

  • Your server cache folder needs to be deleted.

  • Members have not loaded your cars, thus causing issues.

  • Multiple servers are becoming problematic on your machine.

  • A script, such as a whitelist, is possibly stopping your members from joining.

  • Your members are not logged into steam.

  • The steam servers are down (likely the issue).

  • Or your members need to delete their own cache folder.

From what I gather Steam seems to be having trouble accepting your connection. This may be on Steam’s side or yours.

“infinite “connecting to IP:Port” message” typically is due to steam related issues, or improper port forwarding.

As for your members, I recommend you whitelist or unlist the server until your problem is solved.