Server bazaar rules and F.A.Q


Server bazaar rules

We’ve noticed a lot of misconceptions regarding the ‘rules’ of the #server-development:server-bazaar category, so here is a list of common rules for the #server-development:server-bazaar category. Please note that these are not the only rules, everything mentioned on the FAQ page and any other forum rules also apply to this category.

Topic limit

The #server-development:server-bazaar has a topic limit. You are only allowed to have one (1) topic in this section. This means that: you can only have one topic per server and per account. You are not allowed to have multiple accounts (or other members of your community) advertising the same server. If you want to advertise your server, and ask for developers or something similar, do it in the same topic. Don’t create multiple topics for it.

Attempting to evade this topic limit in ANY way, including (but not limited to) posting in another category and moving your topic, or moving old topics to another category to create a new topic, or making alt accounts to create a duplicate/new #server-development:server-bazaar topic, will get you suspended, and all topics removed.

Bumping topics

Bumping topics is allowed, however use common sense and follow a few basic rules (listed below) whenever bumping a topic.

  • Only bump topics if there’s been no activity within the last 24 hours. Nobody likes reading a topic, and seeing the last 5 comments being ‘bump bump bump’ posts all posted the same day. This is considered spam and can have a negative impact on your topic.
  • Whenever bumping, try to provide information that is worth reading. Don’t just write things like: “daily bump post”. That gets annoying very quickly for visitors. Instead, try to include things like:
    • Latest community news. Anything important that has happened within your community that’s worth sharing?
    • Progress updates. What are you actively working on within your community that people can look forward to in the (near) future.
    • Screenshots/media. No I don’t mean dumping your screenshots folder in a post and making the post 5 million lines long so people have to hold the ‘page down’ key for 5 minutes to reach the bottom, but post a few screenshots showing off specific features about your community. This can also include videos or other media assets.

Using templates/copying other server bazaar topics

This seems like something not worth mentioning, however it (sadly) happens way too often. Some people can’t come up with their own #server-development:server-bazaar topic ideas and simply go to one of the popular #server-development:server-bazaar topics and copy the original post in that topic, replace the server name/links with their own info and publish it.

This will NOT be tolerated. Please take the time to make your own topic, stealing other topics or ‘using them as a template’ will get your topic removed and simply gives your community a bad name. You’re always going to get called out at some point by some forum user, it’s just not worth it.

(Nearly) empty server bazaar topics

Whenever creating a #server-development:server-bazaar ad, make sure to add sufficient content. Simply posting your discord/website link followed by a message like ‘join our discord for more info’ is not enough. These topics will most likely get unlisted until more information has been added.

If you’re just starting out and haven’t got much content to share yet, then don’t create a topic yet. Simply get some content worth sharing first, and then make your topic. This is not because we want to stop small servers from growing, but it’s to prevent your server from getting no attention at all. Posts without sufficient content will usually be ignored by users on the forums, so make sure you grab the user’s attention!

User interaction within server bazaar topics

It’s important that you interact with users on your topic, however, make sure to follow the forum rules (see the FAQ page for our community guidelines). Posting hate comments is not allowed. If you see a problem, FLAG it, do NOT reply to the comment yourself. This only makes things worse.

This also includes you replying to other topics, posting a rant review, or starting ‘drama’ in any way “this server sucks, don’t join” will NOT be tolerated. If you have a problem with a server, contact the server owner by sending them a forum PM. Do NOT start an argument in the topic itself. If you believe the server is doing something against the FiveM terms of service, or something malicious in any other way, flag the topic and provide sufficient information for our staff members to investigate.


I want to create a new topic, can you delete my old topic so I can make a new one?

No, we do not delete (old) #server-development:server-bazaar topics. If you no longer want your post to be active, flag it and we can unlist it. However, please note that unlisting a topic does not grant you access to a new topic. If you want a new #server-development:server-bazaar topic, edit your existing topic. You can do so by clicking the :pencil2: icon near the bottom of your post.

This server is breaking the FiveM TOS, how can I report them?

Please make sure they are actually breaking some TOS clause. Read the TOS yourself, don’t report a server just because you “heard a rumor from someone else”. Provide proof and send a message to or send a forum PM to @moderators.

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