Server automatically restarting! :(


Have been having an issue recently, When ever We get a full lobby (32 Players) The sever seems to only be able to handle it for a certain amount of time than the control panel automatically restarts. I believe it is due to a script, does anyone have any clues? <3 I mean I have taken out scripts which have had the error in the CitizenFX But seems to not have fixed it



Hi hypers it’s snake and Valle has reported u to five m so ya server is going down man haha


ok? LOL - ive changed the name like he asked too


Idc and couldn’t care less as I hate Brad’s but what u did was wrong


Also if you have a boost try turning autorestart off if it is the make sure you don’t have script for it if not then I don’t know


What has this topic turned into? Also, IDK what your issue is. Could you send the server log?


sure thing, u want citezenfx?


Send me your discord.