Server 1 running fine but server 2 not showing



So as the title states My server 1 is running just fine with no issues. However my server 2 which I was using for testing is no longer appearing in the fivem list and isn’t showing via direct connect either. I have tried copying files over to the fivem2 folder for the second server but it just doesn’t seem to want to load.
Any possible quick fixes to this? If not, let me know what file info needed to help me out and ill keep you posted <3


Possibly a dumb question: Have you changed the port on the second server to something other than server 1?

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Cheers for responding. Well both servers were working when my “friend” was helping me learn to do everything then suddenly server 2 doesnt work and he disappears so I guess Ill have to google how to change the port on my second server


No need to google it. Just look at the very top of your server.cfg:

endpoint_add_tcp "" 
endpoint_add_udp "" 


oh right okay so my server ends in 30121 on both of those i assume?


Yep, on the second server, you would change both to a new port.


sorted, cheers mate i love you <3


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