Serious Issue with steam servers


Ok so fiveM guys: You need to put out a statement or some kind of official word on this problem concerning steam and servers. Many, many of my friends are not able to connect at all. There are about 25 people in all that I know of who are unable to connect and will oprobably move on from fiveM as a result of the poor handling of this issue. Your fix does not work as almost every server requires steam. Please put out a statement or something regarding this issue! Let us know if this will be fixed! It only became an issue after your latest update I believe.


well not our fault nobody posted installing source sdk base 2007 worked until a few hours ago?

… what fix? ‘Closing Steam’ isn’t a fix, it’s a workaround, and it was said by staff only to make sure the issue was indeed caused by Steam authentication.

No? It’s the same issue as always where some new Steam accounts need to download Source SDK Base 2007 before being able to play - this issue used to be known as ‘Steam rejected authentication: Invalid parameter’.