Separate Panic Button Script?


Anyone have a panic button script I could use? Or maybe point me in the right direction for making it?


Anything on this? I’d really appreciate it.


How would this panic button work? Would it send a notification out to a dispatcher? Or to all players (In chat)?


All players in game.


How do you want it triggered? Via a button on your keyboard (If so, which?) or via a command (If so, which?)?


Fiskeys Script has a Panic button and it sends a Message to all LEO’s (In Chat) with the Streetname where the Officer currently is, and its simply activated by pressing F6. (F6 is pretty nice because nothing else is bind to it, at least for me :D)
But I think adding a red Blip or a circle on the Map would be even better, but I dont know if its that easy to do :).


The thing with adding the blip/circle is that it’d pop up on everyone’s screen, which is annoying. In the other hand of you want only officers to have it you’d need to know who is a cop and who isn’t, which depends on some database kind of thing.


The /pb we type in our server alert’s all members of emergency services in the game.


Is it very difficult to include a database for such a ‘small’ script?
For me personally, I just play with some friends (max. 8 people atm) so it wouldn’t bother me if everybody sees the blip on the map and/or gets notified in chat :slight_smile:

But I can not speak for others ^^


Just use a table? And put the popo in that.


Just finishing a small script with permanent cops, gonna post here when done.


Made a simple plugin that should do what’s been asked. Use /addcop and /clearcops to manage officers. There isn’t a readme or anything else like that. I haven’t been able to test it out completely so advise me if anything goes wrong. panicScript.rar (8.4 KB)


Thanks dude :slight_smile: I will try it out asap!


panicScript.rar (9.0 KB)

Fixed the script, use /addcop and /clearcop to manage officers, currently it resets every time the resource is restarted. Hold F6 for Panic!


I really appreciate this. Thank you.


hey i am looking for a Dispatcher script


You should put out a second update with CouchDB so only certain officers can use the script when the server is restarted.



how do i add this to my server