SenoraRolePlay - Doj Like - Serious Roleplay - Recruiting Staff



Dear Reader,
Im Alfie [FizzyJizzRebirth] from SenoraRolepay. We are a fresh, brand new server looking for non-experienced and experienced members/staff ranging from TeamSpeak Developer, FiveM Developer and just the basic FiveM/TS moderator. Currently being a 4 player Server we strive to become ‘One of the Best’ in the FiveM Network!
What we are looking for in Members:

14+ years old
Not Racist, Homophobic or Immature comments towards community members.
Come to have fun, Not work there T*TS off for the Server and complain!
We will be active as of 31/03/2018! Please Come and Join, we are very friendly, funny (sometimes) and serious when it comes to Roleplay!

Join TS: