Second car dealer?


I want to make a second car dealer but i dont know how to. I have tried to make a second one but it didnt work. I’m not really good at coding but I am open to learning. I hoop someone can help me with this porblem. (I use ESX files)


Rename everything and make new tables in the database


To expand a little on what Fischer said, you want to go through the resource and change esx_vehicleshop to esx_newresourcename, once that’s done, you will want to look at the sql statements in the server.lua and change the db tables to point to a new category and cars tables. That will get you very close to having a duplicate car shop. You’ll then want to clean it up by removing duplicate things like /dv command calls, etc.


I use esx_vehicleshop and esx_truckshop, maybe this helps


thanks it is working now :slight_smile: