Searching for a Whitelisted Community!


What am I looking for?

  • A whitelisted, unique, and friendly oriented community with high professionalism from staff.
  • Must at-least have a plan and vision/mission statement with a community rules document.
  • Must be a serious or hardcore RP community.
  • May not be DOJ based!
  • Must be able to accept a 15 year old.

What I expect from leaders?

  • Must have strong understanding of roleplay and the FiveM platform.
  • Must be a professional, honest, and respectful person.
  • Must have a passion for the service of providing a platform for RP.
  • Must have strong communication and teamwork skills.
  • Must have strong problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Must be fluent in English (with reading, writing, and speaking).

This thread is aimed for any community that meets these qualifications to promote their community. I am not looking for a management or staff position but looking to join a community with these traits. If your community does not meet any trait, you may still promote your community as-long as if your willing to and currently are improving your community and yourself!


Still looking for a community!



Still looking for further communities!


Hello, we are looking for members; however we aren’t going to be white listed until we get a decent player base. If you would like to see our post look here: (16+) Looking for mature & experienced staff / department heads! and if you would like to join our discord then join here: . Have a great day! ~Deputy Director | Keegan P.


Hey, thanks! I’ll check you guys out. If anyone else has a community, you’re more than welcome to promote it!


Vortex RP| CAD/MDT | Police/Fire/EMS/Civilians | Serious RP | MANY SCRIPTS & FEATURES |Whitelisted Cops|


Thanks for the reply! Still looking for communities!


Hey there @Villasenor! You have quite a lot of needs and i’m not sure you will find a server that will check them all off (unless you create one yourself). I do think that Legit Roleplay can help you out with most of your needs though. Check out this thread that I posted earlier and see if it checks off all your needs. Let me know if you have any questions.


I agree and have modified the post. I’ll definitely consider your post. I’ll join the discord to ask my questions.

Advertising is still open for other communities!


Thank you for your response!

#17 is 14+ Custom Fire, Sheriff’s Office, Highway Patrol, and LSPD skins, Really good models with great script devs. Have experienced department heads in Fire, SO, HP, and PD. So check it out. We are also whitelisted.


Thank you for your response!

Future communities are welcome to advertise if you meet the qualifications!


Still looking for communities!



he said no DOJ related



Come check us at we’re Paradise Valley RP and we are the most organized,unique and serious community you’ll ever come across

all our cars are custom made. and most of our scripts are unique and custom as well.

and yes we our age limit is 15+

Hope to see ya in our community!


your community looks really good


Thanks!. feel free to apply if you meet our age requirements.


Do you have discord? So i can contact you