Searching for a Whitelisted Community!


What am I looking for?

  • A whitelisted, unique, and friendly oriented community with high professionalism from staff.
  • A well established community with a steady recruitment and high quality rating. New communities may be considered but must at-least have a plan, vision statement, and other listed qualifications.
  • Must have a forum, discord, and TeamSpeak server.
  • A well planned organizational structure for organizational efficiency.
  • A well planned community rules document.
  • May not be a legal partnership ownership (must be owned by one person, not multiple owners).
  • Must have or plan to implement a life style of RP with a realistic economy and plenty of RP opportunity (may not be DOJ based nor menu based).
  • Must be a serious or hardcore RP community.

What I expect from leaders?

  • Must have strong understanding of roleplay and the FiveM platform.
  • Must be a professional, honest, and respectful person.
  • Must have a passion for the service of providing a platform for RP.
  • Must have strong communication and teamwork skills.
  • Must have strong problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Must be fluent in English (with reading, writing, and speaking).

This thread is aimed for any community that meets these qualifications to promote their community. I am not looking for a management or staff position but looking to join a community with these traits. If your community does not meet any trait, you may still promote your community as-long as if your willing to and currently are improving your community and yourself!


Still looking for a community!



Still looking for further communities!


Hello, we are looking for members; however we aren’t going to be white listed until we get a decent player base. If you would like to see our post look here: (16+) Looking for mature & experienced staff / department heads! and if you would like to join our discord then join here: . Have a great day! ~Deputy Director | Keegan P.


Hey, thanks! I’ll check you guys out. If anyone else has a community, you’re more than welcome to promote it!