Hello everyone!

We are a DUTCH roleplay clan. We are using ESX right now and we are building an amazing city called HoofdStad . But for this city we need a few people to help our development team. We have a few (not so experienced) developers who could use some help! If you are interested in helping us with developing then send me a pm or add me on discord: Robert-Jan#9340
But we dont have so much money, its the best for us if its free, or a little price!


  • You are able to script in LUA


  • You are able to make 3d stuff.

Everything in the server is and will stay Dutch. There is no need to speak the dutch language, we can translate :smile:

I hope someone is interested to help us!

Kind Regards,

HoofdStad Team


It always has to be free due to FiveM’s Terms of Service. See https://fivem.net/terms


Hey stop by and ask for jamie