Search Inventory


Hello, I would like to know if there would be a script to search the inventory of players?

(I search on the forum I found nothing)



Nothing on that seen by me


Is this working as of currently?


Nvm I got it working, but where would I change the script if I want the message instead of responding as “DOJInventory” I have it to respond as something different?


How do I install it to a fivem server?


This does not work on FX server can you confirm if you have it working on FX?


I know es_rp and vRP framework have built in scripts for searching players inventory
One of the most recent systems that probably works with cops fivem was VDK_Inventory
I just use es_rp and worked off that inventory system on my server with cops fivem.
good luck


As the actual creator of the DOJInventory that was linked in here I would recommend using a inventory script that is still being maintained. I personally stopped the project as I left the DOJ Community and there were better alternatives available.

As for why the script isn’t FXServer compatible the most likely reason is that TriggerServerEvent('INV:addPlayer') is being called outside of a Citizen.CreateThread().


Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll try it out.


I appreciate it, and the script you made was awesome while it lasted thanks for that