[SEARCH] GTA5 Objektlist with Pics



There was a fantastic webside http://objects.codeshock.hu/gallery.php - boring its down…someone found an alternative webpage like this?


It’s not perfect, and it’s quite laggy but you can find a snapshot of that site here:


Thx, the first page are fine, the rest isn’t really open :frowning:

[QUESTION] Is that your copy or you ve a contact to codeshock.hu owner? We ve a big platform and can host the webside for free…


Nope, that’s just a link from some organization “archiving the web”. I don’t have anything to do with that copy or with the owners of the original site.




Ihahahahaaaa THXxxxxxxx!


Sorry for a long response, I was on vacation since April)


No problem, i m happy, wish you a nice day!