Search a phone


Hello guys,
I want to do a pack like n3mtv and i’m cherching a phone
If you have a phone script for me please give me


Here you go


I m notre stupid but all the phone when i cherch are for esx or VRP, but for my pack i don’t use this gamemode




I don’t want to creat à phone but if nobody have One without gamemode, y est i going to creat one


For one, ignore that guy, for second what gamemode do you use? A phone script would make sense on an ESX or vRP server but I can’t think of another that you could really use it for. :thinking:


I don’t use gamemode, i do what i wan’t with async and supertable


Honestly I don’t know what I could tell you, mostphknes require framework to work properly.


Does anyone know if you have this menu for vRP? If so, could you send the link?


This is the ESX Phone, not made for vRP


Dont have any way to convert esx to vrp?


Tried taking a look at this: [PREVIEW] ePhone?

I have no clue if it works, because it took my 30 seconds to search on the forum and find it. :slight_smile: