SCRP -- Senora County Roleplay -- Realistic Roleplay -- Recruiting Sheriffs/Dispatchers/Civilians -- Age: 15+ -- Whitelisted

SCRP - Senora County Roleplay Community

I know what you’re thinking, oh great, another roleplay community! I bet it’s exactly like the rest, you’re gonna have every plugin in the world, the server will be totally unplayable, and the staff is always preoccupied and never interacting with the community. I’m gonna stop you there.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Louis S. and I am the Senior Director of SCRP. Myself and a fellow Blaine County Sheriff are starting this community from the ground up, and we have many things planned for our members. We are still actively developing the server, so please don’t expect everything to function as intended on your way in. Your patience will reward you. Without further a due, I’ll explain to you why SCRP is worth your time.

Recruitment Process

  1. Fill out a very short written application to the best of your ability.
  2. If your written application is approved, you will be asked to conduct a very short interview.
  3. If your verbal interview is approved, you’ve earned yourself a spot in the SCRP Community.

Law Enforcement
In terms of law enforcement, we have two departments in mind, the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, and the San Andreas State Patrol. However, we will be releasing departments in phases. Phase I is the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office while the San Andreas State Patrol falls under Phase II. Currently, Phase I has been initiated, meaning we are only recruiting sheriffs. Phase II will initiate once our member count reaches a certain threshold. For the time being, our sheriff recruits will enjoy patrolling the streets of Sandy Shores, Grapeseed, and Harmony (Paleto Bay - Phase II)!

Law Enforcement: Departments

  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office (Phase I)
  • San Andreas State Patrol (Phase II)
  • Blaine County Fire Department (Phase II)

Dispatchers, your responsibility is making sure that operations flow smoothly, answering 911 calls, and making sure law enforcement officers respond to appropriate calls in their respective jurisdictions.

Civilians are encouraged to create all kinds of creative scenarios. From traffic stops to jailbreaks, the opportunities are pretty much endless. We want civilians to have fun while also creating fun scenarios for our law enforcement officers.

SCRP: Features

  • Whitelisted
  • EUP
  • Custom CAD/MDT
  • Custom LEO/Civilian Vehicles
  • vMenu
  • Mature Staff
  • Light Vehicle Structure
  • Light Restrictions
  • Simple Applications

The first 10 members, law enforcement officers or civilians, will receive an exclusive role in the community, unlocking special features that are otherwise unavailable.

Shoot Your Shot! Apply Today.

New Things:
Custom Sheriff Pack
State Trooper Cars
So Many Civ Cars
Realistic Scripts for civs and police

Here are some pictures of what we have at the moment


Senora County Roleplay | Community Updates | 7/13/2019


  • Sheriff Vehicle Pack (4 Vehicles as of 7/13/2019)
  • 500+ Civilian Vehicles
  • Brand New CAD/MDT System
  • Several New LEO/Civilian Scripts/Plugins

In the near future, we will be doing a livery revamp with fresh, unique vehicle skins, as well as adding vehicles to the fleet. San Andreas State Patrol is still a secret!

Please Apply Today. Applications Are Very Simple. We Are In Need Of Members So We Can Get Patrols Going!

Senora County Roleplay | Community Updates | 7/15/2019


  • Renamed “Blaine County Sheriff’s Office” to “Senora County Sheriff’s Office”
  • Introduced Brand New Sheriff Uniforms!