SCRP | Senora County Roleplay | Non-ELS | Custom CAD | EUP | Custom Liveries | 15+ | Whitelisted | Recruiting ALL Departments!

SCRP - Senora County Roleplay Community

I know what you’re thinking, oh great, another roleplay community! I bet it’s exactly like the rest, you’re gonna have every plugin in the world, the server will be totally unplayable, and the staff is always preoccupied and never interacting with the community. I’m gonna stop you there.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Louis S. and I am the Senior Director of SCRP. Myself and a fellow Deputy are starting this community from the ground up, and we have many things planned for our members. We are still actively developing the server, so please don’t expect everything to function as intended on your way in. Your patience will reward you. Without further a due, I’ll explain to you why SCRP is worth your time.

Recruitment Process

  1. Fill out a very short written application to the best of your ability.
  2. If your written application is approved, you will be asked to conduct a very short interview.
  3. If your verbal interview is approved, you’ve earned yourself a spot in the SCRP Community.

Law Enforcement
In terms of law enforcement, we have two departments in mind, the Senora County Sheriff’s Office, and the San Andreas State Police. These two departments work together to ensure stability and order is maintained out in the county. From small metropolitan-area maintenance to traffic stops and shots fired scenarios, it is important that each department plays their respective roles. In the future, a police department serving the Los Santos metropolitan area will be proposed.

Law Enforcement: Departments

  • Senora County Sheriff’s Office
  • San Andreas State Police
  • Senora County Fire Department

Update! All departments are now open!

Dispatchers, your responsibility is making sure that operations flow smoothly, answering 911 calls, and making sure law enforcement officers respond to appropriate calls in their respective jurisdictions.

Civilians are encouraged to create all kinds of creative scenarios. From traffic stops to jailbreaks, the opportunities are pretty much endless. We want civilians to have fun while also creating fun scenarios for our law enforcement officers.

SCRP: Features

  • Whitelisted
  • EUP
  • Custom CAD/MDT
  • Custom LEO/Civilian Vehicles
  • vMenu
  • Mature Staff
  • Light Vehicle Structure
  • Light Restrictions
  • Simple Applications

Shoot Your Shot! Apply Today.


Senora County Roleplay | Community Updates | 7/13/2019


  • Sheriff Vehicle Pack (4 Vehicles as of 7/13/2019)
  • 500+ Civilian Vehicles
  • Brand New CAD/MDT System
  • Several New LEO/Civilian Scripts/Plugins

In the near future, we will be doing a livery revamp with fresh, unique vehicle skins, as well as adding vehicles to the fleet. San Andreas State Patrol is still a secret!

Please Apply Today. Applications Are Very Simple. We Are In Need Of Members So We Can Get Patrols Going!

Senora County Roleplay | Community Updates | 7/15/2019


  • Renamed “Blaine County Sheriff’s Office” to “Senora County Sheriff’s Office”
  • Introduced Brand New Sheriff Uniforms!

Senora County Roleplay | Community Updates | 7/17/2019

All Departments Are Open For Applications

  • Senora County Sheriff’s Office
  • Senora County Highway Patrol
  • Senora County Fire Department
  • Senora County EMS (Emergency Services)
  • Dispatch
  • Civilian

Please feel free to shoot us an application, we’re accepting mostly everyone who applies!

Senora County Roleplay | Community Updates | 7/20/2019

We are currently looking for Civilians who have roleplay experience and know how to roleplay correctly! We would like to start getting some good patrols going! We currently have excellent law enforcement officers who will add to the experience. Join the recruitment Discord server below to join the fun!

Senora County Roleplay | Community Updates | 7/22/2019

Still looking for Civilians and Dispatchers!

Senora County Roleplay | Community Updates | 7/23/2019

New State Police Vehicles and Liveries Coming Soon! (Kentucky State Police inspired)

This community is absolutely amazing. Were small, but growing. We’re a family, where no ones’ left out. We have amazing Vehicles, Uniforms, First Responders, Civilians, and much more that we would love to share with you.

Interested in joining?

Recruitment Discord:

-Deputy Sheriff Ryan G. [S-190]

Senora County Roleplay | Community Updates | 7/25/2019

New State Police Vehicle Fleet Officially Finished! (Kentucky State Police inspired)

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Hey, we are always looking for new people to add to the community! Here are some nice things about the server enjoy:

  • Server Whitelist, no more dealing with public server crap.
  • Mature and good staff team
  • We have a lot of departments
  • Great members
  • Drama free community!

Here are some of our departments

  • Senora County Sheriff’s Office
  • Senora County Highway Patrol
  • Senora County Fire Department

We also have some civilian departments like Dispatch.

I have joined this community around 3 days ago and its great! They have a amazing staff team and a relaxed vehicle structure!

We are also in need of more civilians!

Discord Link:


Discord Link:

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Senora County Roleplay | Community Updates | 7/28/2019

Looking for Deputies and State Troopers!

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Senora County Roleplay | Community Updates | 8/1/2019

We need more law enforcement officers! If you are interested at all, please consider joining the community! We’d love to have you!

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Very professional community that knows how to balance having fun while also being strict about what you can, and cannot do, at the same time. Louis, along with the other staff, know what they are doing. I have tried to look for a server that fit my needs for a long time, and this is the perfect one for me.

Sheriff’s Office is getting more members as time goes on, but the community could use different members in different departments. Check out the server, I don’t think you’ll regret it.

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Senora County Roleplay | Community Updates | 8/4/2019

We need more Deputies and State Troopers! Come join in on the fun during patrol!

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This subject was pulled over by Chief Louis, and another deputy with the Senora County Sheriff’s Office. Initially, he gave the officers a fake driver’s license. After talking to him, he gave them his real license, and the officers proceeded with the traffic stop. He was given a ticket for reckless driving, and going 10-14 MPH over the speed limit.

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Senora County Roleplay | Community Updates | 8/6/2019

ALL DEPARTMENTS are open for applications! Please don’t hesitate to give this community a chance and to try something new. We do not have a dual-clanning/multi-clanning policy, so feel free to join us on top of other communities!

Senora County Roleplay | Community Updates | 8/6/2019

We’d love to have you at SCRP. The recruitment process is quick and seamless. See you out on patrol!

Just two deputies having a coffee break at the 24/7.

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Senora County Roleplay | Community Updates | 8/6/2019

Chihuahua Hot Dog Stand on Alhambra Drive is closed for a routine sanitation inspection.

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