Script that Removes AI Vehicles and Peds

I need a script that removes AI Vehicles and Peds from spawning around the map. If possible, I’d like animals to still be enabled but if not that alright. I’ve looked and found one script but it’s a bit complicated to install and I couldn’t figure it out without getting errors.

If someone could point me in the right direction and link me to something that’d be great. Also would like to have some instructions listed to.


This server management script posted by Vespura allows you to disable ped and vehicle spawning:

If that’s a bit too much for your needs, here’s a small client-side script (attached) I threw together that should disable them. (Thanks to Vespura for highlighting the needed natives)

Just install and run like any other script.

  1. Extract
  2. Put “pedveh_disable” folder into your FiveM server “server-data/resources”
  3. Edit “server.cfg” in FiveM server “server-data”
  4. Add the line “start pedveh_disable”

If you need help with anything feel free to PM.

Note: I have no idea if either of these affect animal spawning and didn’t have time to test and see if they do. I would assume they do though. (894 Bytes)

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Thanks tons man. Really saved me on this one. Animals do get disabled but I’ll deal with it. Thanks again.

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