Script alow player to sell cars to each other


Hi guys i need a script that alow players on an fx server to sell cars to each other.Can anyoane help me?


anyone? post 20 char


Here is some advice for writing it.

If you use ESX or VRP, look into the transfer money option via the bank.

Just change it from money to vehicles/models and change the database parts to garage etc.


Did you find a script for selling cars??


I want a script like that too


Just look at the esx_vehicleshop where the attribution is done with the MySQL and do the same. Select the car, add it to the new owner then remove it from the seller.
Just 2 MySql task.



You would also need to create the portion of the script that would sell to ID or nearby player, remove money from one, add to another, etc… It would be a bit more entailed than just two queries or everyone would have it by now.


Anyone figured this out yet?