Scrips and how to install them


i am looking for someone to help me run a server and show me how to work it if your instreded plase contact me on discord at Animatecoot739#2177


Didn’t find your name…?


sorry its


No you wont! Read the TOS.


the scrips to have them made

my dude


Read TOS you cant pay for scripts.


then a lot of people are being scamed in the five m


If they can’t read they should not be running a server.


that’s does not vary nice to say some people are challenged so you are making fun of a kid with disabilities


Servers are for Those that know how to run one. what does age matter? However gta5 is rated M for mature so what are you even doing here?


look if your not going to help dont talk here bc you not varry nice


what are you doing here


Learning. What are you doing?


so delete it btw your making fun of a person with a disability so dont talk here unless your going to help me


I bet god will send you down to hell bc your making fun of a kid with a disability and that makes you look like a jerk and a mean person.


Dont bring religion into this forum. And dont play the victim card.


Look, its simple, all he wanted to say was you cant pay for scripts as its against FiveM’s ToS.

Its that simple, sure he shouldn’t have said what he said to avoid any arguments but so could you so this is a 50/50 thing and could have been avoided.

Instead of over re-acting over someone trying to save you from breaking the ToS perhaps say “oh i didn’t realize that, Thanks! i’ll read the ToS next time before asking on the forums”.



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