Scene Menu Traffic Policer



Amazing Script, love how it like merges 2 into one. :slight_smile: Keep it up!


Ok, I’ll test it out this weekend! Thankyou man! And love the script entirely, keep up the good work!


good job


You can’t have chat commands in a

while true do

It will cause high memory issues


So you will have to redo it around the chat command?


No, just make it like this:

  while true do

RegisterCommand('scenemenu', function(source, args, rawCommand)
    trafficmenu:Visible(not trafficmenu:Visible())
end, false)


Apologies, yes thank you for correcting that


I already have a NativeUI installed for another script (server side eup). Can I rename the nativeui folder in this plugin to like “nativeui1” as long as I make necessary edits, or is there a way to safely co-exist the two programs without one over-writing the other menu?


I’m not entirely sure, this isn’t something i’ve had to test but renaming it SHOULD work theoretically. Trial and error I suppose


I installed this last night and played around with it for an hour… All I got to say is… BRAVO man… this is and excellent script. I was able to rp many things with it… I even did a road construction at night scene that cause the hp to show up to direct traffic. Bravo


Thank you


your welcome…