[SASRP] San Andreas State RolePlay | Custom CAD/MDT | Serious RP | LSPD, BCSO, SASHP, SAFEMS, COMMS, CIV | Helpful Admins| Custom Cars/Scripts



Hello everyone my name is Jaden and i’m a director for a community called San Andreas State RolePlay. We are a fairly new community with 20+ members and we are growing fast. Our age limit is at least 13 so we can provide serious in-depth roleplay. We have multiple custom car packs as well as a custom CAD/MDT system made by Simpurly. We are currently accepting all department such as LSPD, BCSO, SASHP, SAFEMS, Comms, and CIV. We would love to have you and the joining process is very simple and easy. Come check us out using the following links!

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