SASRP Is Looking For A Few Good Men (And Women!)


Hello I’m here to ask roleplayers like you if you want to join our new server were SASRP
(San Andreas State Roleplay)

We are currently in beta and about to launch, but we need people like you to make this community strive. We are a server that wants to create realism, and we have added systems to make that happen. If you want a realistic server join us! ANYONE can be an Officer of the law, with our open police system. If you want to become an higher authority then you could look into our other departments such as Highway Patrol, City, Sheriff, or even Dispatch! We even have a military branch (GTA/ArmA). If that’s not for you we have plenty of systems for civilians, and tons of things to keep you roleplaying.

So come check us out! You’re welcomed in our community.

If you would like to get started

join our discord:
Join our website
Server Ip: