SASERP | San Andreas State Emergency RP | Hiring All Departments |



Welcome to San Andreas State Emergency RP!
We are a friendly community with friendly staff, we work off YOUR ideas!

We have multiple different Departments and Vehicles.

Los Santos Police Department
Los Santos County Sheriff
San Andreas State Police
San Andreas Fire Department
Emergency Medical Services
Communications Department ( Dispatch )


About the server:
We are a Serious RP server that is in need of players, All Departments are currently open to apply for, we take our RP seriously, and do NOT tolerate our Emergency Services messing around.
Officers may play as Civilians when Off-Duty and may commit crimes for RP, as the same with any member of the community, This server is more of a family then a community, we all work together, we all have a laugh but are serious when we need to be,

If you wish to join, please join the Discord server ( link above ) and send in an app, if you have any questions, feel free to DM me on discord at Jonathan_McKay#6224 or Drop a Comment Below!

Jonathan C McKay
Deputy Chief of LSPD