SARLRP | Recruiting | Need of Police,EMS | Legal/Illegal jobs around the map



Hello, my name is Delux,I made a a new server called "SAN ANDREAS REAL LIFE ROLEPLAY.
Of course there already is a lot of Roleplay server out there but not everybody can give you a working script with a tons of fun.

Back in the days I use to RP a lot on SAMP server and I know what people wan’t from real roleplay servers.
Right now I have to say its “FRESH” since I start it alone.We now have 3 Dev’s who work on new scripts and we trying to make this server even more realistic and FUN at the same time,for people to RP.

SARLRP is a open world RP Experience, with RP all over the map.
We now have a 5 Admins on this server so we might need 2 or 3 more for now.
We are looking for police and EMS team aswell, so you can be part of something BIG.
We just have moved to ESX,I have tested everything with 2 months now and added a lot of stuff,but more will come.Just come and check it out! WE NEED YOU! WE NEED PLAYERS WHO CAN ROLEPLAY!


Government Jobs (Police, Sheriffs, SWAT,AMBULANCE)
Jobs for Civilians (Taxi Driver, Delivery job, Trucker job , Car Dealer and more)
Fuel Script
Banking Script
Inventory System
Robbery System (You can rob stores at the moment,but bank robbery will be added as soon as police team gets bigger)
Lock System (Lock your cars)
Player Garage System (Ability to store vehicles)
Admin Menu System
Player Housing
Dirty Money(Will be removed any time soon)
Clothing Shops all over the map

Our discord page : If you wan’t to join STAFF team!
Server IP :

Website :

Some in game screens :


could i join your SARLRP and a Civilian


Sure you can,no problems :wink:


Server is up and ready for playing.Need people around,please come visit us and lets create a RP community.We need a lot of players to get this roleplay server started!Just join up!Thanks!


We now have a website!!! Everybody come and join and let’s start new RP community!

website :


Can i be a staff member?


Hey all of you out there who are looking a nice team and a good roleplay server come check out our server and come have fun with us.We have a nice developer team and nice admin team to help you out.Yes we are running low on player base but if YOU do not COME how can we get our numbers UP? Just come and check it out!!! :wink:


One of our players just making a livestream so come check out our server or livestream and come have fun with us! :wink:


Looking Civ’s on the server.If you wan’t to join police force or EMS then you can do it on our website or join with our discord and talk with “Yackob” about this.Thanks!! :wink:


Anyone up for playing as civs???