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Server Details
Our sever will be only 24/7 but as of this posting the patrols would be OFFICIALLY 8PM Eastern nightly once we’ve gotten our Police forces built up. Our server is age friendly meaning you don’t have to be a certain age to come onto our server to have fun. All we ask is that you have fun and be respectful OOC. Our server is hosted in Dallas, Texas so if you’re from America your ping should be good. If you’re outside America you may see high ping, sorry about that.

We do have two other servers. One is the primary use for our development team to test out any features before moving them over onto our main server. The second server that we have is for training purposes.

Below is the server that we will be using.

Server IP:

Site Information
Website: Click Here
Forums: Click Here
Discord: Click Here
Facebook: Click Here
Twitter: Click Here
TeamSpeak: Restricted for community members

What I am Looking For?
As of right now I am the only admin of the community. I have several spots open for the community which I will list for everyone to view in the next few sections. I am really looking for other gamers/roleplayers to come to the server and just have fun with everyone there. As long as your there having fun and not causing any OOC drama than I believe everyone is going to have a lot of fun.

I want people that are seriously interested in having an input on a community and help shape it into something that they’ll consider great. Of course great is en the eye of the beholder but I believe if everyone works together we will build a good fun community for everyone to enjoy.

Joining The Community
We have a couple roles available for everyone that is interested in joining the community. We have Police roles, EMS/Fire roles, Dispatching roles as well as Civilian roles. We also have behind the scenes roles for developers whom are willing to help shape the community. We do have Director roles availble but they won’t be handed out freely. I want experienced and mature people in these positions as we’re the face of the community.

All departments you will have to apply via our website and you will be contacted by a member of the recruiting office within 48 hours to either reject or hire you. It will not take any longer than that and will sometimes be quicker due to how fast we’re able to respond to your threads. Promotions will be given if your rankings officers believe you can handle the position, mature enough and you’re a good role player without any issues. Remember, having a bad cop on the server means we could get a bad rep so we want to make sure we bring in respectful people.

Like some clans/communities you can only be a police officer here or EMS/Fire. If you’re a developer you don’t need to stick strictly with us only but if you do that would be greatly appreciated. You’re free to sign up as an official civilian on the community which will get you access to special events and also if the server is full we will make room for you as you’re going to be a white listed player. Being a registered civilian with us doesn’t mean you’re limited to just us. You’re free to still be in other communities.

Available Roles

  • Deputy Director
  • Civilian Director
  • Developers
  • Los Santos Sheriffs Department
  • Los Santos County Fire & EMS
  • 911 Communications
  • Civilians

All listed roles above are subject to signing up through our community and being approved by the Administration. Each role except Civilians are subject to go through training. Once we’ve built up our forces we will be using the entire map. However, until that is done we will rotate between City and Blaine County patrols.

There may not be a lot of features such as a framework but I believe the server will still be just as fun being able to make up any scenarios that you want.

  • ELS Style Lighting
  • Mello Trainer
  • Simple Trainer
  • Car Damage
  • Fuel Script
  • Hands Up
  • Gun Holster Script

We will be using the CAD/MDT provided by FiveMCAD. More info to come.

To see a full list of our current features which also include a few car switches please visit our site at this link, Click Here

Admin Contact
I will be sure to keep this page updated as much as possible in regards of any positions, patrols and any other information that may be suitable for those reading. However if you’re needing to get into contact with me please do so via Discord under The Yipster #8356


we are in the middle of making a SOP for departments and community.


Just updated the main post to reflect the server details as well as letting everyone know that we’re officially open and accepting people into the community. If you have any questions please contact me and let me know via Discord.

Our social media links will give out information at to when we are doing active patrols. I would expect us to begin those after the Holiday’s as we can gather up a good police force for everyone’s enjoyment.

Happy Holidays to everyone that ends up making it through the intro post. Thanks again for reading.

No Longer Looking

New Screenshots:

This cop had a bad day!


Blocking roads, looking like a badass!

Just about to go 10-8!


Update 2 Release Date: 3rd Jan 2018


it´s not letting me make a profile for SARC, that may be a bug


I’ll shoot you a message on here.


ok, I would like to become Head dispatcher when I get up that far


There was a error in our PHP coding which I was unaware of and have now fixed. Thanks for the heads up. If anyone had issue trying to register for our community I apologize for any inconvenience and we’ve now fixed the issue so please reconsider giving us an another look for your role playing pleasure.

We’re currently looking for all positions, age doesn’t matter. We are in need of police, ems/fire and civilians. If you’re interested please see original post for info about joining. Happy New Year to everyone.


Hey everyone, just shooting out an update for everyone which is after this message but first would like to tell you about SARC (San Andreas Roleplay Community). We’re a new community that was opened up on Christmas and we’re currently looking for members be that police, fire/ems or even civilians. We don’t have a age restriction either. We only ask that you come into the server and have fun with us. Simple as that.

But if you’re wanting to join our police force we would love to talk to you. We have moved our police service to strictly Blaine County at the moment until we as a community grow into something bigger but we can’t do that without you helping us achieve that. So if you have some time on your hands and want to help us grow either on the civilian side or even our police force we would greatly appreciate it.

We do have several high ranking positions available that I am willing to hand out to the right person but please message me here on the forums or through discord.


  • Ping Mod due to causing issues with a couple members


  • Pulling your gun from the holster

  • MDT/CAD System

  • More Real Life cars such as Grave Digger, Jaguar, Camero etc.


  • website issue causing people not being able to register.

  • Right now we will only be having patrols in Blaine County so we have removed applications for both the LSPD and Highway patrol until we have the resources to properly add more departments. When the positions open up the officers in Blaine County will have the option to move out into another department. We will also make an announcement when we open the application for those departments as anyone will be able to join.


  • One of our developers is working on a economy system however there is no ETA on it atm but will update when it does become available.

  • More screen shots from our newly inserted peds and cars.


And The Sop Is finished for Dispatch

Lead Dispatcher Rick C [C-01]