[SAPRP] San Andreas Province Roleplay | Mature | Non-ELS | Custom Vehicles | CAD/MDT System | Anyone can be a cop


San Andreas Province Roleplay Forum Post

Hello FiveM Community, We’re SAPRP. We’re a semi-new role playing community that has a lot to offer. We are always looking for active members to join the community as high ranking, We currently have a lot of spots open for every department. We have a couple of fully-custom vehicles that are in the server, we’re getting our brand new fleet of LSPD, and LSFD fleet of vehicles this summer donated by the Governor of San Andreas. We’re a Canadian and California based server so we use a mixed skin pack for our vehicles. All of our features are listed down below


What we have to offer:
24/7 Server (Sometimes down for maintenance but mostly 24/7
Custom vehicles (Yes, We have custom vehicles, not skins vehicles.)
Custom Canadian based skins
Scripts to make our server as realistic as possible
Custom Canadian, and California based peds


Our custom fleet vehicles:
Slicktop / Marked CVPI - Delivered
Slicktop / Marked Charger - Underway
Slicktop / Marked FPIU - Underway
Slicktop / Marked FPIS - Underay
Slicktop / Marked 15 Tahoe - Underway

2017 Pierce Enforcer
2017 Price Tower
International DuraStar ambulance


Department’s for hire:
San Andreas Highway Patrol - Open
Los Santos Police Department - Open
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office - Open
Los Santos Fire and Rescue - Open


Hiring (15+)
Maturity is key (Lower age must have a very good maturity level)
Basic knowledge of the department you’re joining
Able to work under stress from anyone

Requirements to be a department head:
Ages (16-17+)
Advanced level of knowledge about the department


Important Links:
Our VPS provider
Our website



Just got the server fixed and the new menu is now in! Still looking for people to join!




Date: 04.03.18
To: All FiveM Members

We have just made our new website (not final) but it will be the place holder til we can afford a nice one.


Update v1.2

New LSPD pack (Canadian Base)
New SAHP pack (New ELS pack)
New BCSO pack (More sheriff looking)
Added ELS FiveM (Fully working)

All old packs


One of our new LSPD Chargers!


Please tone it a bit down with the bumps, no need to bump your topic every couple of hours or so.


I wasn’t trying to bump the post, but I’ll stop posting for about 12 hours.


Our new radar gun script now in the game!

Still looking for active members!


One of our many new SASP vehicles.

Update log found on our Discord.



Read FiveM post for details.


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We’re still looking for active members and department leaders.

ELS Server Side Test
We’re looking for random people to join the server to test how the server-sided ELS is, if anyone would like to join.


We now have our brand new VPS server up and running with our new 24/7 server!

Future Plans for this Summer:

Fully custom cop cars (Non-ELS Custom Made by XBR410)
Fully custom fire rigs (This will be a while)

Populated server


Drove down to Sandy Shores to take the Stang out for a ride but it started raining…


Still looking for members!



Our new brand new FiveM Fire Department Pack


Forum Bump

Still looking for active members to run my server with me!


Two of our brand new custom cvpi’s!

Thanks to XBR410!



Server is back up! We’ve added some new things to the server!



Our brand new website has been uploaded with all of our new features, and we also got our new CAD!!!


Bump / Update

We’ve added a “anyone can be a cop” selection for people that are wanting to be a “free” cop but you’re also restricted to things a paid cop is allowed to. If you’re interested in joining you’re always welcome! Discord in forum post