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Welcome to San Andreas United Roleplay!

To all those people who are tired of massive copy-and-paste servers that don’t value creativity or interesting roleplay, we invite you to join the SAURP community! We are a small and fun-loving group of roleplayers that enjoy the luxury of a uniquely meaningful RP experience.

We’re not looking for high player numbers, just more like-minded people to enjoy our creation with us! If this interests you, your first stop should be our discord.

WEBSITE: https://saurp.weebly.com/


SAURP DISCORD: https://discord.gg/6kEYZXT
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So, why should I choose you guys over all the other servers on FiveM?

  • We are here to help you roleplay the way you want to.

  • We believe in quality over quantity, and we employ that belief in all the things we do.

  • We are dedicated to hosting a server with a good balance of fun and basic professionalism.

  • We put good roleplay over the technical stuff! Truly, we just want people to have fun through good RP.

What jobs do you offer?

Be a trucker! Be a mechanic! Be an underwater basket weaver! Your imagination is the limit. We love seeing your creativity in action!

For those interested in law enforcement and emergency services, we have open whitelist positions for Law Enforcement we are looking to fill. Law Enforcement Officers and Pilots are the only whitelisted positions on our server.

Keep things interesting and be your own boss! We encourage our players to make something meaningful and lasting, whether it be a gang, company, race team, or something else entirely.

Server Features:

  • A mature group of friendly roleplay frequenters from America, Europe, and everywhere in between

  • Completed server with easy-to-access list of commands and vehicles, and no shortage of any civilian cars or aircraft

  • A CAD/MDT on our own hosted domain

  • A running, extensive server canon that any player may influence (see the page on our discord!)

  • Minimalist HUD for good screenshots and immersion

If you have any questions, feel free to DM us through our discord :slight_smile:

Our number one priority will always be player satisfaction. Thanks for your time, and we hope to see you on San Andreas United Roleplay!

           -SAURP Staff Team
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RP’s been great recently, and we’re eager to develop a community playerbase! We’d love for you to join us!

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Honestly Love this community, everyone is so welcoming and happy for me to be there!


Been on the server for a while, truly my favorite server of all time :slight_smile:

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This a good sever,and i love it

This is a realy good sever and i love the staff is grate and take it very good

Honestly the server itself is okay but the owners on the server o used to be really good friends with I was apparently banned for advertizing another server without any evidence and I was just banned without my knowledge I came back online just to see me gone from the server I’m not going to advertise my server that I have now started but I just hope they fix what’s going on

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p nice server. friendly and welcoming community. i recommend

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I develop for this server, it is brilliant. Friendly staff there to help you all of the time and big roleplays on everyday, highly recommend.

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bump bump bump

still love the server,
more and more
day by day

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This is a truly amazing community. i came into this community not too long ago ind in the short time ive been here i have seen more respect and friendliness from both the staff and players than i have in my almost 2 years playing fivem. the staff on this server are so friendly and they take time to show respect for their server and the players who come on, ii recommend this server to anyone who wants to have a satisfying RP experience but also to players who want to meet new people. this is honestly the best community of people i have ever seen both on fivem and in my personal life. the staff have truly done an amazing job and i hope to see the server grow more and more

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One off the best servers around due to its staff base and welcoming player base!

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Investigations are a big part of our smaller patrols! It’s how we keep things fresh and away from constant shootouts.

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An excerpt from our Canon Channel! It’s basically news for the patrols you missed, all in character :slight_smile:

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The Sheriff’s Office has finally been pushed to modernize. We have a variety of new vehicles in our fleet, as well as a whole new look!

Bump! New webpage :slight_smile: