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I just want to point out the fact that the website is hosted off of “000webhost” and uses a cracked version of IPS. My bets on IPS is the one from “”


Really good community in my eyes!


How many member you got?


since we started over due to server hosting issues we are not slowly building are platfourm up again so i whould say about 10 we could really use department heads and developers just for some extra help!


i will dm u my discord name


pretty good server has doj cars and good members,staff,andadmins


leo head of departments are almost filled join why there is spots


Are you sure the screenshots you are posting are your server.

They are found on DoJRP’s website.


i mean thoses are the cars we use




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Great way of boasting about the crimes you commited.


nice server they just got the newst so cars from doj whic looks sic;


new doj sheriff office cars

sneak peak!


i know i say it in the server love them alot


Just gonna say it. Keep negative thoughts to yourself. Be nice, don’t bash/hate on other posts. I’m sure I could go to half of yours and correct you for grammar and stuff. Also if you not sure read the bazaar FAQ.

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