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Hello, my name is Nathan but I am known under the name of Alex Kane on FiveM. I have recently opened a new community named San Andreas State Roleplay and is more commonly called SASRP. At SASRP we are currently recruiting for all of our departments which are LSPD, BCSO, FBI, Highway Patrol, Fire/EMS, Staff, and Civilian.

  1. We have two irregular staff roles on SASRP which is board president and board member, both of these staff ranks are in charge of just taking the community’s suggestions and voting on either to add them or not. After the fact the community has 3 days to vote if they agree or not on a poll in the discord server. If there is a 4/5 majority vote of all voters for that one poll they can shift the tide of what the board voted on.

  2. We have active staff and development teams. I am currently the head developer and founder of SASRP meaning I do most of the behind the scenes work. I am on almost everyday for hours a day adding new vehicles, skins, player models, and fixing bugs.

  3. We have several departments including LSPD (Los Santos Police Department), BCSO (Blaine County Sheriff’s Office), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), HP (Highway Patrol), Fire/EMS, Staff, and Civilian. All of these are currently open for applications. We have a white listed police, fire, and ems force also a unregistered and registered civilian department.

  4. We focus on making custom things for our server including a custom cad, discord, logo, vehicle and player skins, some vehicle models, and more. We take pride in our server and want to make it the best we can.

And many more to come these are just the few we are going to list in this post.

  1. Must have a working decent quality microphone.

  2. You must be 13+ to roleplay on the server

  3. You must be 14+ to join a emergency services department

  4. You must be 15+ to join the staff department

  5. You must speak fluent English


As a community we are always adding things to make the roleplay experience better, this is just a list of things to look forward to.

  1. Fully custom CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch)

  2. Fully custom Discord Bot

  3. A custom and professional website

  4. Department sub divisions


  1. Los Santos Police Department

  2. Blaine County Sheriff’s Office

  3. Highway Patrol

  4. San Andreas Fire Department

  5. Registered Civilian Department

  6. Federal Bureau of Investigation


Discord -


(Sorry for anyone that viewed this before the discord was not here and it looked unfinished, the FiveM forum staff team deleted half of the stuff on here.)


  • Alex K. | Founder

  • Mike F. | Founder

  • Tanner T. | Owner

  • Ashlie C. | Board President

  • Joe O. | Community Director

  • Nick S. | Staff Director

  • James R. | Civilian Director



Fixed discord links and other things deleted from admins or didn’t save. (BUMP)


Server will be released at the latest Saturday next week the 16th but it should be out before that. (BUMP)


Accepting staff now through verbal interviews. (Bump)


We now have staff, BCSO, and FBI applications open, we are also beta testing the server and letting some players online.

We have also added:
Invite rewards


We are happy to announce that we are going to release SASRP to the public for the first time in about 10 minutes! We are accepting staff, bcso, civilian, and lspd applications. Our discord is


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