San Andreas State Roleplay Community Recruitment Post



San Andreas State Roleplay Community. We are a new Group and are looking for dedicated members to help us grow and to fill in roles.

Server IP
Teamspeak :

What is San Andreas State Roleplay Community :
San Andreas State Roleplay is a serious but New fivem community. Our staff team is trained very well to preform to the best of there ability’s to moderate and help this community grow and to help make sure it is in the best condition. Our server provides alot of different scripts and vehicles . We are always making Changes to the server to make it great for our members.

What Does San Andreas State Roleplay Community Give To You :
TheSan Andreas State Roleplay community looks to offer all of our members a roleplay experience that that will be amazing and better than any other. We are a very structured Gorup that try’s to create an immersive and rewarding environment for dedicated people looking to help us become something better and better. We want to show people an enjoyable experience while allowing for a seamless display of realistic Civilian and LEO roleplay to come to everyone.

Features of SASC
Training Server
Main Server
Custom CAD/MDT
Trained Staff
Custom LEO Vehicles
Custom Fire Vehicles
Custom Peds
Chain Of Command
Menu Based
Development team
6 Departments
Realistic Roleplay
Game Warden vehicles

Blaine County Sheriffs Office
San Andreas State Patrol
Sandy Shores Police Department
San Andreas Communications
San Andreas Fire Department (EMS and Fire)
San Andreas Game Warden
San Andreas Detective
Anti Crime Unit
Civilian Department


To let everyone know we have just got in a new pack of sheriff and civillian vehicles with over 40 different replacments with some amazing vehicles.


as another update we have a fully working eup setup ,with a brand new cad and even more civ vehicles to choose from


Here for another Update everyone, we have a New DOA for our group and more sheriff vehicle aswell as new lspd and different map mods including, Scrap yard, impound yard, sandy sheriff upgrade etc. Its all very functional and i hope you enjoy!!`


Unlisted upon request.

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