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San Andreas State Role Play
Est. April 2018

SAS:RP is a professional, serious roleplaying community. We want a friendly, family environment. We are a community dedicated to realism and professionalism.

What makes us unique:
Our community offers features most community do not have. Some of these are but not limited to; fully realistic city and departments, a custom cad, custom scripts, experience points system, patrol groups, and a family like community. SAS:RP’s goal is to have the most realistic feel in role play.

Many Departments:
They’re a couple of departments within the SAS:RP. In the future we hope to expand!

  • San Andreas State Patrol
  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
  • Los Santos Fire Department
  • San Andreas Communications
  • Civilian Operations


  • Be over the age of 13
  • A legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V
  • Teamspeak 3
  • MUST show respect to both players and staff, administrators at all times!
  • Must be able to speak full English

How do I join?
Go to this link right here:


We are upgrading to a IPS website


First interview in the books!


We officially now have our own IPS website!



And if you ever join the website, you have to register a account.


Currently recruiting! Please signup for SASP so we can open BCSO. We hope to open it within 1-2 weeks.


Getting EUP working!



We are recruiting for a Fire Chief!!!


LSPD TSU Charger preview!


Everyone just a reminder you do have to register on the website before applying. Ran into someone with that issue earlier. If you would read that I said “You have to register on the website” then we could have avoided the whole entire issue.


LSPD Cover looking sick!


Update: You still have to register on the website but now you no longer have to “confirm” it in your email. Many people still do not understand what confirmination email means.



All departments are open! We are looking for a Sheriff, Dispatch Director, Civ Director, Undersheriff, Assistant PD Chief


If you are interested in a head of department position, please fill a application out


– Main Departments –

  • San Andreas State Patrol - open
  • Los Santos Police Department - open
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office - open
  • Los Santos Fire Department - open
  • San Andreas Communications - open
  • Civilian Department - open
    we are looking for department heads


Im so happy to join! a lot of active people I applied so check it out!


To protect and to serve the great citizens of Los Santos