San Andreas State Police


Welcome to San Andreas State RP, let me begin with introducing myself. My name is Dalton I am one of the Owner of San Andreas State Police (SASP) I’m here to tell you about our server and where you can find/join our discord and server.

San Andreas State is a serious roleplay server we have active staff, custom civilian vehicles, Law Enforcement vehicles, and most important of all we have an friendly community that’s filled with amazing talented people.

Know who your talking to, Staff,Civilians,and Cops in our discord will have a tag showing their position in the server. ex: Owner/LSPD Probationary/BCSO Officer/Admin/Head Admin/etc.

Just like most serious rp servers we do have some requirements, for LEO’s minimum age is 14, and must be active (each department has different requirements), and must have a mic. Civilians should be able to stay in character for an extended amount of time, rdming,grieving,or ignoring priority cool-down can result in kick or ban if kicked multiple times.

To join our server as a cop you can submit an application to our civilian directors, LSPD,BCSO,SAST,or SAFD Departments which can be found in our discord under the recruiting tab.

If you have any questions that were not answered here or on our discord feel free to pm me in discord: The King#2079

Join the discord for more info!!


The King#2079 on Discord likes to join other Discords and spam links to his community. One of my staff members banned him today, thought people should know.


If you dont like a community don’t start drama on the forums. Just don’t play on there server simple.