Welcome to San Andreas State Justice

Who We Are
We are a dedicated Roleplaying Community that is professional but also a friendly welcoming type of server, where no one is judged no matter their opinion

At SASJ we patrol daily and have a team of dedicated members and multiple departments across the state. We strive to make a serious roleplay server.

More About Us
The San Andreas State Justice Community has been running for a short amount of time. We are new on the block but are ready to impress those with a welcoming friendly approach. We have a team of dedicated members that will treat people as equals. We created this server as alot of server treat new people with disrespect and don’t take other people’s opinions into consideration.
We have already got our foundations fully set and we are ready to build up and become a better community that doesn’t push creative people away. At SASJ we try to make sure that this is a place where anyone can enjoy real RP scenarios and be respected. We always try to improve our ways of roleplay and make sure its as fun and realistic as possible. This community is being built on the love for games and the willingness to improve you’re skills. The development team have spent an uncountable amount of time hours trying to perfect all the tiny little details within the game that will ensure you can carry out any given scenario. Also unlike other server Admins and owners don’t just go around doing whatever they like, they are 100% professional and love to roleplay as much as anyone else. We want to be a community that allows people to show off their full potential.

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Active Departments

  • B.C.S.O
  • L.S.P.D
  • S.A.H.P
  • Fire/EMS
  • Communications
  • Civilian Operations

SASJ Admin Team