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San Andreas RP is a long standing group of like-minded individuals, coming together in a semi-formal, exciting, emergency services simulation environment. With both modified police and civilian vehicles, scripting, and common sense policy, we’re here to have fun, patrol, make arrests, investigate, and occasionally just mess around in our great FiveM server!

What makes us different? While we use a chain-of-command and maintain a set of policies and procedures, we stand strong to our original founding tenant - we are real people, here to be friends and have fun. Accordingly, the rank structure ONLY applies in-game, during first response role play. Outside of game, we basically come together to hang out and “shoot the shit!” We are all here with an appreciation that we have a common goal - to play games that we enjoy.

Finally, we do not have a mandatory training process - it’s a video game, we’re not going to force you to hear us preach how to use your keyboard, point, and click (though we can if you want!). However, everyone is required to participate in a brief FTO process where new members ride along with senior officers to get to know how our group operates and what we expect from everyone in game.

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