San andreas roleplay 2.0 - join in and come have fun :D


Here at S.A.R.P we like to have fun…rp is often times considered very serious which is fine but that sucks the fun out of it…
we like to race
build cars
car meets
and server wide events for in game currency prizes
we used vrp and have custom auto shops as well custom police stations and fire/ems stations

we also have one of a kind trailers and haulers for our biggest event each week RACE NIGHT on saturdays
come start youw own business
sell drugs or take down the kingpin is the latest up an coming community

we are hiring in every law enforcement department as well :slight_smile:


Hey there @VENGENCE_MEDIA is it possible you could update the invite link, please and thank you!


any update on the discord invite?


update please? i want to play this server


Hey man can u please update it