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About The Community

We are a FiveM community which operates a menu based, lore friendly server for FiveM. We have a wide variety of departments, and aim to provide the best roleplay experience out of any public server

How We Are Unique

We admit when we’re wrong, and try to be right
Rule 1 of Running a Server:
You are not always right.
This is somewhere where many, many servers fall down on. The owners assume they are right, everyone else is wrong, and that change is a bad idea. We, on the other hand, never assume that we are right. Instead, we put everything to the people of the server, wether they think an idea is good. You don’t need to be an admin or director to have a say in how our server is run.

Lore Friendly
All of our vehicles are designed completely for GTA V - no poorly optimised, LOD-less ports from other games here. We’ve got hundreds of vehicles, and a wide variety of unique law enforcement and fire department vehicles. This gives you an immersive experience, without any fourth wall breaks, as well as almost no framerate lag. So, turn your graphics settings up, install VisualV and enjoy the buttery smooth framerates.

Unique Departments
Our departments are designed to be realistic, beyond what most servers bother with. We’ve got your standard Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, Los Santos Police Department, and San Andreas Highway Patrol - but we also have Del Perro Police Department, Los Santos County Sheriff, D-Rail Railway Police, Blaine County Fire Department, and about half a dozen more departments you won’t find anywhere else - guaranteed.

Volunteer Sheriff and Police Parking Enforcement
We run two programmes for those who are not registered: Volunteer Sheriff, and Parking Enforcement. Volunteer Sheriff lets you help out law enforcement by enforcing laws, while Parking Enforcement lets you ticket, tow, and tattle those who fail to park correctly.
Both subdepartments have their own vehicles, their own peds, and best of all, anyone can be a part of it - you only need to join the Discord and follow the instructions.

Dual Clan Friendly
Most people are hesitant to join a new server, because it is a huge step. That’s why we let you join, even if you’re a member of another community. You could own a server, and still sign up for a department.
We believe in getting you to play on our server, not forcing you.

Come and join us!

If you want to just check out the server, then you can connect via Direct IP

Alternatively, if you’re interested in joining one of our departments, or just hanging out with us, then join our Discord Server:

Merge and Business Policy

Department Structures

Law Enforcement Departments

  • Police Department*
    (Los Santos Police Dept, Paleto Bay Police Dept, Grapeseed Police Dept, Del Perro Police Department, Rockford Hills Police Department, Los Santos Port Authority Police, Los Santos Airport Police, Los Santos Park Rangers)
  • Sheriff’s Office
    (Los Santos Sheriff’s Department, providing contract services to Davis, East LS, Vinewood, and Chumash, and Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, providing contract services to Harmony)
  • San Andreas Highway Patrol
  • National Office of Security Enforcement (Coming Soon)

Other Governmental Departments

  • Fire Department*
    (Los Santos County Fire Dept, Blaine County Fire Dept, SanFire, Los Santos Coroner’s Office, Blaine County Coroner’s Office, LSCFD Lifeguard, BCFD Lifeguard)
  • SanTrans
    (SanTrans, Los Santos Dept of Water & Power, Blaine County Dept of Water & Power, Los Santos Department of Sanitation, Blaine County Department of Sanitation)

Civilian Departments

  • Civilian Operations
    (Main Department)
  • Gruppe Sechs Security
  • San Andreas Flight School
    (Does also provide flight training to law enforcement)
  • San Andreas Medical Services*
    (Licenced by the state to provide emergency medical services)

This structure is designed to allow us to create a realistic, immersive roleplay system. Everything blends seamlessly into the lore of GTA, nothing feels out of place, and the experience is about as immersive as you can get.

Any departments with an * are departments that need someone to run it.

Official Gallery


Can highly recommend this server for anyone who appreciates lore or even those who don’t.
Multiple different departments running with experienced and dedicated people.

Dedicated server staff and developers, friendly community members.

10/10 would get kicked out of bahama mamas again


I have a few questions regarding the community. What you are describing sounds frankly awesome and something that lines up with what I’ve been looking for. With that being said, I have a couple of questions regarding the community.

  1. Do you have set patrol hours? If so, when do they start?
  2. How many members do you have in your community right now?

Any reply is appreciated :slight_smile:


No specific hours set at the moment as we are very small atm. We are trying to hold patrols as often as possible.
In regards to member I’m uncertain but total amount in the discord is currently 20+.


Daily Server Update - 17th March 2019

  • Added in liveries for Los Santos Port Authority Police, Los Santos International Airport Police, D-Rail Police, and Los Santos Police Park Rangers (all under Police Department).

  • Yesterday, I added in more liveries for SanTrans vehicles. Working on new vehicles for SanTrans, including more utility vehicles for construction.

  • Now looking for a Fire Chief for our fire department. Our Fire Department covers SanFire (based on CalFire), Los Santos County Fire Department, and Blaine County Fire Department. It also includes lifeguard departments. If you’re interested in applying for the position, please directly message John Adams#0511 on Discord, or private message me here.

Looking for Active Community to Join

Daily Server Update - 18th March 2019

Not much progress has been made today. Gotta love schoolwork.

  • Added in (temporary) Paleto Bay Police Department liveries, should get us by for now.

  • We’re now looking for people interested in running either the Fire Department (large department), or SAMS, a civilian subdepartment/private EMS firm.

  • Oh, and if anyone wants to apply for police chief to replace our current one, please do - he spends more time at Bahama Mamas than in his patrol car.

  • A reminder that SanTrans is a department we have. They operate both the main SanTrans department, as well as the public water, power and sanitation companies across San Andreas. If you’re interested in applying, message Kody M on our Discord server.


10/10 would go to bahama mamas west again


Daily Server Update - 19/20th March 2019

  • Missed yesterday’s daily update, so this is for yesterday and today.

  • New HUD system implemented, which is very minimalistic. Ugly interfaces, begone!

  • New pictures taken for the gallery.

  • Cuff Script and 911 Script added.

  • Still looking for people interested in running several departments. Please enquire within the Discord.

New HUD Design


Daily Server Update - 21st March 2019

  • Added in our custom Chumash map, which adds in a gas station and Sheriff’s Office to the small seaside town of Chumash. Definitely worth checking out on our server.

  • Updated department applications - all law enforcement agencies now have their own applications.

  • Still looking for people interested in joining departments. You may well start at the bottom, but if you’re good at what you do you can rise up really quickly.


Daily Server Update - 22nd March 2019

  • We’ve hit 17 members! :tada:
    To celebrate this arbitrary milestone, we restricted our memes channel to only registered members. Um… yay?

  • Added a functional chat script. Finally!

  • Added a functional adverts script. Finally!

  • Added a functional death script. Fin… wait, I feel like I’m repeating myself.

  • Looking for people with experience to take over the positions of Police Chief, Highway Patrol Commissioner, Fire Chief, and San Andreas Medical Services CEO.
    These are positions that need experienced, competent and nice people to take over. If you meet those criteria, then join the Discord and privately message John Adams#0511.


Daily Server Update - 23rd March 2019

  • We would like to announce that we’ve merged with Infinite Networks Roleplay, a smaller community that is basically identical to ours. We will keep our current name, but it does mean a whole bunch more things for our server. Like…

  • We now have a CAD/MDT! Link can be found in our Discord server.

  • We now have 23 fully registered members in our community. The benefits of constructing additional pylons…

  • We’ve moved our Suggestions channel to a Trello board, for maximum efficiency.

  • Positions of Fire Chief, Highway Patrol Commisioner and Police Chief have all been filled. There are still a number of high level ranks in all departments that are up for grabs. Message John Adams#0511 for more information.

  • Why not follow the San Andreas Republic Twitter Account. It’s the perfect place for server updates, civilian operations propaganda, and the occasional Parks and Recs GIF.

  • And lastly, you should definitely join our Discord server.


Daily Server Update - 24th March 2019

  • We’ve unfortunately had a number of people leave the server, including, most notably, our Fire Chief.
    Since this is the 4th Fire Chief to resign almost immediately after being promoted, we’re suspending our fire department until we can properly tell if it’s cursed.

  • In the mean time, our San Andreas Medical Services department is now looking for people to help run it. It operates as a private ambulance company, similar to AMR in real life. If you want to apply for head of SAMS, send John Adams#0511 a message on Discord.


good !


Why You Should Join Our Server

If you want a server that’s not afraid to be different, and strives to do more than just create a DOJ/OCRP clone, then this is the place to be.

If you want a server that is easy on your PC’s GPU, and easy on your eyes, then this is the place to be.

If you want a server where all the staff, from the very top to the very bottom, have your best interests at heart, then this is the place to be.

If you want a server with a greater variety of law enforcement, rescue and civilian departments than any other server, then this is the place to be.

San Andreas Republic: Why go anywhere else?