San Andreas Republic RP | Non-whitelist till 1 May! | To get whitelisted you only have to join the Discord: tMhBzDX



Welcome to San Andreas Republic RP,

This is a new FiveM roleplay server, striving to give players a realistic roleplay experience. The server will become whitelisted on the 1st of May (2018), but all
people that joined before that date (except for trollers) will be guaranteed a whitelist. We won’t regulate the whitelisting as strictly as other servers,
to give everybody a chance to become a better roleplayer.

We use custom car models (civilian, air and police), weapon models and some player models fully textured by kickedbyconsole,
& our intro is fully scripted by falcc, experienced in html & css.

The first month, in which we don’t have whitelist on, the admins will make sure the experience is good. After this month, we hope that the roleplay experience
will become good by itself. Of course we will still regulate it, and we will make sure there are enough staff members online. This means we will open applications soon,
so get ready!

Check the discord server regularly for restarts & maintenance.

We hope to see you soon!

Kind Regards,
SAR Server Managers


For what rank are the upcoming applications?


Check it out here: