San Andreas Republic || Lore Friendly || Menu Based



Our Goal:

Provide an amazing roleplay experience, one that is as immersive as can be, in a public server, whilst using lore friendly vehicles that blend in seamlessly with the world around them, while still being unique and awesome.
We are currently looking for people to join our various law enforcement branches, as well as people who are interested in starting & running departments such as fire and SanTrans. We are also looking for people who want to join our Civilian Operations team.
Age limit for law enforcement is 15, there is no age limit for other departments.

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Disclaimer: If you join the Discord just to try to sell us something, you will be banned without hesitation, and we will report you to FiveM for breach of the Terms of Services. We are a community that uses lore friendly vehicles, and we do not intend to change that.
We will only merge with servers that use lore friendly vehicles, are bigger than us, and are run by people who know what they are doing.


If anyone has skills regarding creating scripts (not just dragging a folder into a resources folder), and knows how to use SQL and NativeUI, and is interested in creating a script, then get in touch with me.

We’re still looking for people to run departments in our server. We’re a small server that’s still starting out, so this is a great chance if you’re looking to run a department how you’d like (restrictions may apply), then this is an excellent chance.


Update so far:
The server is coming along nicely now. Progress is being made slowly but surely, and as always it would be nice to have people with ideas for how else we could ensure our community is the best it can be.

Join our Discord server:


If you’re looking for a lore friendly server, or a server that’s just starting up, then look no further. Qualified people can expect decent roles right off the bat.

Departments we want people to run:

  • San Andreas Highway Patrol
  • Police Department (This covers both LSPD and PBPD)
  • San Andreas Park Rangers
  • Fire Department (This covers LSCFD, BCFD and SanFire)

Subdepartments we want people to run:

  • Security (Civilian Subdepartment)
  • SanTrans (Civilian Subdepartment)

We are also looking for people to join departments. Age limit for law enforcement is 15, there is no age limit for civilian operations.


Reasons to join our server:

  • Varied departments
  • Dual clanning friendly
  • Plenty of opportunities for promotion
  • Friendly community
  • Hundreds of vehicles
  • 100% lore friendly

Well… do you need any more reasons?
Just join the server today!