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Welcome to the State of San Andreas
SAPDRP offers a realistic and mature roleplay experience all hosted on a Dedicated Server.

Sub Departments
LSPD - Los Santos Police Department

  • Actively making your streets safer, the LSPD keeps a keen eye out in the City.

BCSO - Blaine County Sheriffs Office

  • Under Sherrif O’Brien, the Sheriffs Office provides general law enforcement throughout Blaine County.

SAHP - San Andreas Highway Patrol

  • Under Officer Jakob the SAHP works to reduce accidents, both fatal and not.

SADC - San Andreas Department of Corrections

  • Protecting the public, the SADC actively deals with offenders. Warden spot is vacant.


  • That’s you! Apply below then come ask an FTO about training. We do them weekly so you can become a verified resident of San Andreas.


  • We are in need of developers (for custom scripts). You will receive Command Staff ranking and will be trained for your role if you decide to become a dedicated developer for us.

Enough Talk, How Do I Join?

You can apply below, and don’t forget to join our Discord server at the end of the application.

We are recriting officers and new cadets. Check out the details in the application.
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We are currently hiring officers as high up as Assistant Chief. Information can be found in the application or by talking to us in the Discord. Invites are via the link on our website.