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San Andreas Life (SALife)
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  • Advanced Crafting (Mining, Weaponsmithing, Jeweling, Meth, Cocaine, Weed)
  • Creative Businesses (Involved Development, Government Loans, Unique Features)
  • Scale your Operations (Commercial Vehicles, Freedom, Bank Loans)
  • Unique and Involved Jobs
  • Innovative Features
  • Serious Roleplay
  • Zero tolerance for FailRP
  • Realistic Economy
  • Multiple Characters
  • Government Structure
  • RP Development
  • Proper animations
  • Unique vs. common fivem servers
  • Professional development environment
  • Community suggestions and input
  • Fast development turn-around

Much, much more…

SALife is created, developed and moderated by veterans of the “life” rp scene. Previous servers with SA-MP, Arma 3 and GTA V. We know what you need to take your role play to the next level and have the ability to provide it. Come check it out and let us know how we can improve. This is not your average FiveM experience.

Visit the wiki (wip) for a quick preview of some of what we have to offer.


+1 The best RP Server I ever played on FiveM, definitely recommending joining that one!


Thanks so much, it’s been a pleasure having you around!


Awesome Roleplay community, if you’re seeking a strict RP environment with active development hop in-game and check SALife out!