👮 San Andreas Life | LIFE RP Server | We want you! | Open Recruitment!



Hello Fellow Forum Users!

My Name is Zander and I bring you San Andreas Life | LIFE RP Server!

We know there are 100 plus other servers to choose from, so why choose us? Let me tell you.

We have played on many other servers and every time, the RP SUCKS! I mean, down right terrible! From no one actually RPing, to cops just doing whatever they want. We are SICK of it! We have worked hard to fine tune our server to bring the best RP Community possible.

We offer unlimited possibilities when it comes to RP and we really try to not limit much. There are a few things that are a no-go just like every other server, but we want to offer some of the things that others don’t.

San Andreas Life is designed so that our players RP a LIFE and continue that single identity until they die. Life should be treated as in real life because if you die, you must start over as someone else. We want people to interact with other civilians by selling cars, drugs, animals, stolen cars, firearms, or whatever you feel like selling. We want people to run the 24/7 or Los Santos Customs, or be a Tow Truck Driver. You can be whatever your heart desires.

What we offer:
You can FLY!
You can drive SUPER CARS!*
You can be SECURITY!
You can start a GANG!
You can be A COP!***

Client side scripts: YES!
Custom Cars: YES!
Working Police Radar: YES!
Full Map RP: YES!
Cruise Control: YES!
Helicopter with Spotlight: YES!
You can play other communities: YES!
Admin player skins and cars: F*#K NO!****

We currently have many open positions including:
State Police/Highway Patrol (All Ranks)
Civilian Operations (All Ranks)
Administration Staff (All Ranks)
Communications (All Ranks)
Public Works (All Ranks)

What we have coming soon:
Blaine County Sheriff
Los Santos Police
Paleto Bay Police
U.S. Coast Guard

We are holding an Open Recruitment Weekend from March 2-4 where we’re fast tracking anyone who wants to join our community full time. This includes Police, EMS and Fire, Communications and Civilians. We will be whitelisting members so when our server closes open recruitment, you’ll have to apply if you’d like to play on our server.

So, if you are tired of people just messing around all the time, come check us out and have a place to actually RP. See you soon!

Here is some important information:
Website: http://sanandreas.li
Teamspeak: sanandreas.li
Server: San Andreas Life | Serious RP Community
Direct Connect:

* Super cars are meant to be show cars, we will not pursue you if you try to run from the police. You will be wanted, so we will eventually track you down.
** You can steal police cars, but keep in mind, we have trackers in our cars so we will eventually find you.
*** Anyone can be an officer regardless of age or experience. You must be in our teamspeak in the RTO channel. We will issue you a probationary Badge Number and You may only drive one type of car. If you would like us to join us full time, we will require an interview and you must attend a training session. Our training sessions are usually between 1 to 2 hours.
**** We HATE seeing Admin cars or Player skins. Do you see these in real life? NO! We have active admins who are actually RPing as well. We have a strict administration team and they will not hesitate to kick or ban if you are not RPing.


Open Recruitment Starts now! Come join us for some fun!