San Andreas Highway Patrol Pack


Hello, I am the owner of the LSCDOJRP server. I wanted to share the vehicles we are using right now. I did not make the skins nor the models. I just put the skins on the models and put them into a file ready to be put into a server.
hwaycar- Crown Victoria
hwaycar3- 2015 Explorer
hwaycar4- Slicktop 2015 Explorer
hwaycar7- Rotating Lights Crownvic
hwaycar8- Slicktop 2009 Charger
hwaycar10- Slicktop Crown Victoria

Drag “sahp” of out of the pack resources folder, place into your server resource folder.
Add the start command “start sahp” to your config
Then start your server.



Original Models and Textures


Nice and what do you mean by highriser?


The sirens are rotators, i meant. My bad! LOL


Ah. I got confused and thought you mean like the NYPD High-Risers.


This looks very nice! Thanks for putting out.


cool good job

+ 1




Nice release. you missed hwaycar2 in your spawncodes list and the screenshots are not actually provided in the resource. hwaycar3 is ALMOST the car explorer pictured 3rd. the other explorer isn’t in the resource, nor is that charger. I would suggest giving proper pictures of the cars provided. Other than that great job.


All the explorers are in the file. Livery


THATS AMAZING! That pack is amazing, I really like the explorer.


ELS or Non-ELS?


Non ELS.




would be awesome if the newer charger was there like in the pics you provided





At the End of December i plan on adding a 2014 Charger, a Silverado and a new Helicopter.


that would be awesome please do cause I love the cars already and im a huge fan of em and my server is too


i cant get the cars to spawn in


These are some nice looking cars man.


when is that Silverado going to be added?