San Andreas Five 0 | DOJ Cad System | Custom Scripts | LSPD | SAHP | BCSO | Accepting Applications for LEO


Come join our server! direct connect at OR search San Andreas Five 0! We are up an coming community! We have active LEO’s and active admins! We use the DOJ Cad system!

We are currently accepting LEO, Fire and EMS applications! Join our discord at Check out the application section and follow the format!

We will be adding custom cars in the near future!

Serious role-play only! Hope to see you guys there!!!


RP has began! Sandy Shores, Harmony and Grapeseed! Come join in!



RP tonight will be Sandy Shores, Grapeseed and Harmony! Hop on our discord and get registered in the CAD now! Get your characters made and lets RP! Police will be active!



Here is our LEO Side of the CAD system!