San Andreas First Respond | SAFR Recruitment



San Andreas First Respond | SAFR is a community based off of Los Angeles and Blaine County and Paleto Bay.

To join are community click the link under

Discord Link:

Server Info: San Andreas is a top notch server with anything that you could wish of from being a LEO and responding to calls all the way down to Civ Interaction and building a character base if you wish of being part of us why are you still reading this click the link above.

Custom CAD/MDT :desktop_computer:
Custom Cars :oncoming_automobile:
YouTuber’s /Streamers :studio_microphone:
Active STAFF :pouting_woman:

Avaliable Departments

  • San Andreas State Police

  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office

  • San Andreas Fire & Rescue

  • Dispatching

  • Civilian

Excetive Mangement Team
Owner | Brock | 1D-01
Manager | BCSO | Jake S. | D-18

Staff Team:
ADMIN | Belanger | 1B-01
ADMIN | Caleb D. | B-24
ADMIN | Hunter W. | 1B-01

CAD Developers
Trooper Infinity
Infinity Productions

Vechicle Modeler/Model Developer


new link? for discord


Hey Can You Invite Me To XBR’s Discord Please? Im Trying To Buy Some A Vehicles.


Go Jon, 10/10 Server owner


I dont need it anymore.