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Welcome to San Andreas Emergency Roleplay
Discord -

We are a Fivem community that has been up for just over a week now we are pushing and striving very hard, everyday with our staff team and developers. At SAERP we offer opportunities for roleplays that are not usually considered by other communities allowing for Members to get a real life look at what Policing, Dispatching or FireFighting is in the real world. Also conduct regular trainings aimed at improvement of Membership as well as leadership abilities with Staff constantly making corrections towards faults to iron them into a professional group of Members. Members are also provided a great support network by the Non Commissioned Officers appointed above them and fellow Members who are enlisted and take eachother on a journey.

We are actively recruiting people to all departments and would love to see you all in roleplay having fun. We accept anyone, in our age range of 13+ (exceptions can be made) but must be mature and be respectful. Many players will benefit and will not regret coming to our community

Some of the features that we have in our community are…

Dual Clanning is ALLOWED
Non Els Fleets
CAD/MDT System
Active/Friendly Staff Team
Custom Cars
Menu Based,
Players can join 3 departments (1 Primary, 2 Reserve)
Departments Within Our Community

Departments Within Our Community:

Public Officer (PO)
Blaine County Sheriff’s Department (Sheriff)
Los Santos Police Department (PD)
San Andreas Highway Patrol (HP)
Los Santos Fire Department (FD)
Los Santos County Communications (LSCC)
Civilian Operations (CO)
All departments are recruiting!

All the information you need about joining our server today:

San Andreas Emergency Roleplay Server 1 IP -
Discord -
Website -
Cad/MDT System -

Must be in discord to apply.

Pictures Taken on our community

Fire Department’s helicopter refilling it’s water tank after a drop.

Fire Department’s helicopter dropping it’s load of water in a demonstration.

Fire department’s response to a fire at the Yellow Jack in Sandy Shores.

The Fire Department’s Helicopter just arrived on scene

The fire department’s full response to the yellow jack in Sandy Shores

SAHP Posing for the camera

SAHP Posing for the camera

Paleto Bay PD Out on patrol

SAHP looking cool in front of their new fleet

LSPD Using their helicopter to search for active gunmen on the yacht

A commercial flight heading for Sandy Shores

Twenty Minutes later both the engines failed and the plane made a fast approach towards the church on Route 68 The Fire Department were called before the plane crashed down and arrived on scene two minutes later to find the plane engulfed in flames. All the passengers and flight crew made it off however the pilot lost his life helping other passengers off.

Hours later and the plane was finally extinguished. Lots of resources were used from the LSFD fire fighters worked around the clock to extinguish the fire and stop the spreading. More details on the victims will be released later.

Looking for a brand new home! Have past experience from management to staff
Experienced LEO Looking for work
Developer looking for good and active community to join & help

Looking for someone to make a promotional video for our community.
Message me on discord for details with - YesItsLew#6514

We are also still hiring join today here

More photos coming soon


Fire Department’s new addition to their fleet. They also gained a 747 for larger scale forest fires.
For pictures of the fleet look in the pictures section


This is a great community who love to role play pretty much any scenario. If you are a person who loves to role play as Fire/EMS, this is the community to join. With the custom fire cars this server has, you will never get bored. They also have amazing Law Enforcement Vehicles, and all of the staff members are very respectful.


Added multiple scripts

Still Looking for:
PD Chief
BCSO Sheriff
Civilian Head
Fire Dept Head.


Looking for someone who could create a promotional video for us.

Still Looking for:
PD Chief
BCSO Sheriff
Civilian Head
Fire Dept Head.


This is a shit community who disrespects me when I am developing and scripting them new stuff. This community is a waste of time and needs a new life. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT TO JOIN


You came into our server saying you are a former doj developer and tried to get access to our server files, I said no and you started saying stuff about me. Please don’t cause drama on my post.

Not once did anyone disrespect you.



Still looking for a Fire Chief and a Sheriff!

Still looking for someone to make a promotional video for our community.


If he says that he was a DoJ developer, do you have his real name or name he have played as? I am in DoJ and that name doesn’t look familiar at all! I know all the devs and haven’t heard of this one before!


SO yeah @OmgItzLew If you know his name lmk!


Community Promotional Video:

Created and edited by Lew O. Deputy Director Of SAERP

Still looking for a Sheriff and a Fire Chief

Civilian Operations
Communications Department


Looking for members!
Sheriff and Fire Chief still open

Join discord for high ranks


Still looking for:

Fire Chief
Civilian Director

Fire Department Promotional video coming soon.


Hey, I’m interested in joining could we get a updated link. Thanks!


hay i want to join no discord invite thow i can also be the fire chift


Server Re-Launch

Looking for a Sheriff, Civ Director and Fire Chief
Looking for supervisors inside these departments.


invalid link update please


Their servers no longer up bud