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Hello! I am the owner of San Andreas Department of Role-Play. We created this server a long time ago and tried to grow, but now we are growing a bit faster. Also if you are looking for a server that’s DOJRP based off and you don’t have age? Join this!

The departments we have are…
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Los Santos Police Department
Blaine County Sheriff’s Department
San Andreas Fire Department
San Andreas Communications
Civilian Operations

By joining this server you will not regret any time you have given to our community because we will give you the same benefits of what you gave us e.g. A custom role. We have alot to offer.
Custom Scripts
Custom Cars
Help & Support Team
Custom Computer Aided Dispatch System

Here is all of our information so you can start your journey with San Andreas Department Of Roleplay
Click > Discord
Server IP:

Click here for application

~ Aiello P. | Director Of SADORP


Apply today! Also please be patient while waiting for the member role in discord!